Bieber Left Cannes Party W/ Paris Hilton

justin-bieber-paris-hilton (2)Celebrities Enjoy A Night Out In Cannesjustin-bieber-shirtless-busta-rhymes (13)Justin Bieber was spotted partying in Cannes last night at Busta Rhymes’ birthday party at Gotha Nightclub with Justin Bieber, reports E! News. She hopped into his lap while he was shirtless with an entourage surrounding them.’

Baby made an appearance at the Vanity Fair and Armani party at Hotel du Cap: ‘He was with two guys. People were a little surprised when they saw him because it was like, ‘What is he doing here?” Jennifer Lawrence wanted to meet him as well, but she declined taking a photo with him because she just wanted it to be ‘normal’ when meeting him.

Do YOU think that Lil Bieby spent one night in Paris?

UPDATE: Justin Bieber has given up his sizzurp addiction, reports TMZ. He’s become obsessed with working out and can’t do it while high, but still supposedly smokes weed. UPDATE #2: Bieber performed shirtless with Busta Rhymes!

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  • Angel

    Man he’s really scraping the bottom of the barrel now.

    Beibers like “So, is there any tread left on the tires? Or at this point would it be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway?”

  • Tbm

    Oh no two bunch of airheads

  • BangBang


  • MollyBD

    What happened to Paris Hilton’s boyfriend, the guy who was a model? Can’t remember his name, but they were glued together for about a year. Haven’t seen pix of them in about 6 mos. Oh, his name is River Viiperi.

  • javi g

    ok does this kid wants an std? paris has more mileage than my dad’s old 77 mustang.

    • Mariah

      Um you dumbass think he fucked her or something? She’s like 30 now and they probably just hung out or exchanged few words get over yourself -.- lmao

  • Marina And My Diamonds


    It’s their business.

  • Eva

    I really don’t care enough to say anything else other than I don’t care, as long as Selena stays away from him I am good.

    • guest

      Lmao, Selena’s a mess on her own this dude has nothing to do with her shit. Stop with the Selena victim card already you’re making me laugh, acting like Bieber’s some devil who forces her to do stuff for him meanwhile he’s barely around her they just meet up for PR and drama she needs to stay talked about. Get over yourself Selena blind fan, you are so obsessed with her and talk about her like you personally know her but you diss others when they defend others like Miley or Bieber. If you don’t care then why did you click on the article and comment on it? If you don’t care about Bieber why do you comment on every single post about him?

      • Eva

        Which is why I said “Selena stays away from him”… She is responsible for her own actions. Not the other way around, I couldn’t possibly care any less what Justin does if it doesn’t involve Selena.
        And one more thing, calm your tits.

        • guest

          If you didn’t care you wouldn’t comment on every article of him. Why do you also act so protective over Selena lol yet you laugh at beliebers cause they like Bieber? You’re the same. Even more delusional.

          • Eva

            Read my comment again.

  • A Cat

    “Justin Bieber was spotted partying in Cannes last night at Busta Rhymes’ birthday party at Gotha Nightclub with Justin Bieber”

    OU, he was partying with himself? :P

  • laura

    Why did they even let him go to Cannes? That’s way too classy for this guy…

  • Guest

    He looks amazing here, the other pics with him in the suit are awesome too. Also just because Paris is thirsty and did what she did doesn’t mean he’s now with her you dumbasses.

  • Dash

    ugh why would someone as cool as Jennifer Lawrence want to meet a douchebag like him

    • lol

      Justin Bieber is like a entity. Everyone wants see if he is real regardless of what you think of him as a person

    • pacmakaveli

      Maybe because she isn’t a judgemental fool like you and gives a guy a chance to meet him and exchange few words :)