Cody Simpson NAKED Facebook Photo

cody-simpson-naked (3)5Cody Simpson posted a naked photo on his Facebook page! ‘Free. throwback to Sunday morning on the coast after a big one. surfed out too. how bout that tan. taken by bae with Deepak Kumar, Amit Choudhary, Dandi Dirgantara and 44 others.


  • A Cat

    Nobody posts a picture like this without wanting attention. Lol

  • JUG

    Hope this butt shot makes Surfboard sound better and help Cody gain respect in the music industry.

  • honesty

    Is he dating witney now or?

  • laura

    I feel like a pedophile because I am looking at 16 year old’s butt. So fucking inappropriate, what is this kid’s problem?

    • JUG

      I know right? You would have thought that some managed by Justin Bieber’s manager would exercise better judgment. Having said this, if the butt shot helps Surfboard take off and earn Cody credibility as a real artist, it will be worth it. Not sure he has the vocal chops but maybe Cody Simpson could be like the Adele of the young male singers – young but respected for his singing and songwriting. It may all start with the butt.

      • laura

        I love you.

  • Emma Stone

    Isn’t this like….child porn? It’s definitely somehow illegal right? He isn’t even legal. CHILD PLEASE.

    • JUG

      He is 17 and showing his naked butt so an argument could be made that it is child porn but I guess it’s worth it if it results in even one more paid download of Surfboard. Anything and everything can be justified today in the name of fame and iTunes rankings. That is the world oceanup has created.

    • laura

      I was thinking the same thing. I seriously don’t want to go to court for having seen this picture…

  • Emmatome

    The point being…?

  • yung illuminati

    Someone find him some pants pls

  • Hollyhysteria

    My eyes are burning

  • Redneckatheart

    So is he advertising music or the fact that he just got laid? I don’t really understand the point of this picture…