Kylie Kendall Jenner + Austin Mahone Billboard Music Awards 2014 Arrival Pictures

kylie-kendall-billboard-boobs+ Lucy Hale, Drake Bell, Sarah Hyland 5 Seconds Of Summer & more!

UPDATED with Austin’s performance under!

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  • Marina And My Diamonds

    These girls complain and whine about their image appearing wrongly but take some of the most suggestive pics.

    • Common sense


    • blahblahblah

      Seriously. Kylie wants to remind people that since she’s 16 she’s too young for surgery. She’s also too young to be dressing the way she always does. Which she’s been doing for a while now.

      • XaskTaylorX

        Forgot she was that age. =$

  • Jes

    If Kendall failed with two sentences tonight, I’m wondering how she gonna co-host the mmva.

  • Cali

    They look so ridic here.

  • Angel

    OMG! I think I lost 30 brain cells listening to Kendall try and read the teleprompter. Note to Kendall if everyone says your an idiot DON”T PROVE THEM RIGHT!!! I have no clue how anyone can stand to listen to her for more than 3 minutes. She is so stupid. She’s so lucky mommy bought her a modeling career because if she had to use her brain she’d be in trouble.

    • Cici

      Wow you’re a bitch. Chill out, she’s human.

      • Angel


        • Angel

          JK. I actually am but I just always heard she was smart. That just screamed “I’m lucky I’m pretty.” I realise she’s only human but most people can read by 18. Even excluding her reading she struck me as a very unintelligent person.

          • Eva

            lol, the part where she said I am bad reader… Like WTF?

    • honesty

      She made a mistake. People can’t make mistakes anymore? Wtf how is she getting crucified for messing up some words???

  • Sammy

    Lol this bitch can’t read

  • Lucyyy

    No brains

  • alizadehnxcb

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  • thesestrangelittlethings

    That was so awkward /;

  • FuckHarry

    So awkward she couldn’t read the Teleprompter I do wish her luck with the MMVA, hopefully Kylie is a little better.

  • anon

    dumb whores

  • JUG

    That these two idiots get so much attention on is a real insult to the much coveted Hot Uppers list. Last I checked, acting slutty was only good for 2 professions: hooker and porn star. Pretty sure does not cover that kind of talent so please do stop giving these no talent losers the free attention they so covet. Promote instead Justin Bieber’s incredible perfume, The Key.

  • lmao

    People really thinks Kendall messed up accidentally? The girl is smart as fu*k. She just turned a 15s presentation on the talk of the week

    • Tash

      I agree. I don’t believe any of the Kardashians are dumb or average at all. They play dumb. But when they’re not trying, we see how intelligent they truly are.

    • Eva

      She could have done something else ‘talk-worthy’ why would she sabotage any future gigs as a presenter like this? Who wants to hire a person who is ‘not a good reader’ ? That alone shows her stupidity.

      • anon

        She is hosting the MMVAs on June 15.

        • Eva

          That was scheduled way before this mishap…

  • blahblahblah

    I used to like Kendall. She seemed like she was actually serious about becoming a high fashion model. Now she’s all about being over the top. WE ALL REMEMBER WHEN YOU WERE TOO EMBARRASSED TO ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR PERIOD GIRL.

    But I will say, I’ve never really liked Kylie. People always talk about how Kim is only famous because of her sex tape. That’s true, but at least she made something out of it. WHAT THE FUCK DOES KYLIE EVEN DO?!

  • Jared
  • Megan

    Lucy Hale is perfect. ❤️

  • Tash

    I know they’re just playing it up for the pic. But it still makes me cringe looking at how Kylie is looking at & posing with Kendall. You’re siblings! Ew!