Lorde Performs Tennis Court Billboard Awards 2014, Top New Artist + Full List Of Award Winners

lordey (2)Lorde won Top New Artist! FULL list of winners under!

2014 Icon Award: Jennifer Lopez

Top Rock Album: Night Visions, Imagine Dragons

Top Billboard 200 Album: 20/20 Experience, Justin Timberlake

Top New Artist: Lorde

Top Country Artist: Luke Bryan

Top Rock Song: “Royals,” Lorde

Top Female Artist: Katy Perry

Top R&B Song: “Blurred Lines,” Robin Thicke

Top Streaming Artist: Miley Cyrus

Top Country Song: “Cruise,” Florida Georgia Line

Milestone Award: Carrie Underwood

Top Artist: Justin Timberlake

  • Jared


    It’s probably just me, but I find her continuously overrated. Especially vocally. I think people praise her because of her age, but other than that, I genuinely don’t get the hype. I want to give her props as a songwriter, but being as though her mom most likely helps her, I’m hesitant. And her “dancing” doesn’t help whatsoever. She looks like a praying mantis having a seizure. And I don’t care what anyone says… “Royals” is not a rock song. “Radioactive” should’ve won by a landslide. But the Billboard awards are purely based on charting, and unfortunately, not on whether or not the song or album or artist is actually good, but what trend is going on that makes it popular.


    • Tash

      Totally agree. She is overrated. For some reason people like her wannabe ‘against pop culture’ attitude, which will most likely fade as she grows. We were all self righteous know it alls at that age. But sadly the industry seems to enjoy her verbal diarrhea. I would take it seriously if she could actually structure an argument & was consistent in those points & didn’t contradict herself every time she opens her mouth. Futhermore, she does work with others. Her songs are not entirely done on her own. She mainly has one other song writer she works with(who is an adult). I don’t know how Royals could have won rock. Forgive me for the stereotype, but I would expect rock to have a prominent guitar. But before her, they were giving rock awards to the black eyed peas. So you’re correct. It’s about the charts. Royals could have been nominated for hip hop before rock. That’s how absurd that award is. This whole popularity contest needs to end. At least the Grammys is still somewhat credible.

      • laura

        And this is exactly the reason why I don’t like American award shows. They are all based on who has the most fans and who did the best in the charts.
        They put Lana in the rock division as well, and as much as I love Lana, she isn’t rock. She is indie/vintage/pop/whatever. Same for Lorde, though she is more pop than anything else.
        The sad thing is, that you’d expect the BBMAs to be one of the most credible music award shows out there..

        • anna

          lorde is not pop. listen to a selena/miley/demi cd then listen to lorde. you cant compare. maybe she’s pop like popular but she’s definitely not pop like the genre.

          • laura

            Selena is dance pop, Demi is (summer) pop and Miley’s latest album was dubstep/hiphop/pop. Lorde is electro pop.

          • anna

            summer pop, dance pop, hiphop pop?? this is making things up. dance pop and summer pop sound like it’d be the same thing. i guess i can see “elecro pop” being a thing but i wouldn’t categorize her as the same as miley/demi/or selena…i mean come on one of her very first performances in california, or the US in general was at coachella. coachella is not a pop festival and you would never see miley/demi/selena perform there.

          • laura

            I just like to give music specific names, might just be me.
            Like dance pop is pop music for which you can make dance routines, summer pop is more like the music you blast in your car when you’re driving to the beach.
            I never said she is the same as Miley/Demi/Selena, that’s why I gave you all these stupid ass names for music haha I was just trying to make clear that she is mostly pop but with electro and indie influences.
            And I don’t know, I feel like Miley’s latest album is quite suitable for Coachella. But then again, Coachella is a joke. Seems like such a boring festival to me.

    • T

      Lorde may not have the best voice but she is very into her music. I love the way she performs/dances but I guess that’s just me. She is an awesome songwriter AND She is very involved with all of the production of her music. And her music is the shit…… So yea. I think she’s brilliant…… But I guess that’s just me

      • Queen Amanda Bynes

        Agreed 100 percent. I seriously don’t get the hate,If you don’t like her don’t listen to her music/ watch her perform ,it’s that simple.

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      Imagine dragons won 5 awards and were the top winners. Lorde won two, no need to feel bad for them.
      Plus billboard even isn’t a competition its based how well the song performed on the radio/digital sales so …

  • Tash

    Okay, I have two things to say about that 1st pic. ‘Bjork 2.0′ & ‘Black Swan just went into retail’. That’s it. Good day.

  • live.love.learn.

    Royals is a good song no doubt, but in what world is it Rock? Radioactive was clearly robbed.

  • Eva

    Lorde irks me.

  • thecat61

    How the fuck did ‘Royals’ win top rock song? smh!

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    she said fuck on live tv! omg <3

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    I don’t get why y’all are all pissed. Billboard is a show based on the charts. Its not even a competition its about how well the song performed on radio / itunes /etc.
    Lorde is on the alternative charts and is the first girl / women period to be number one on it since 1995.

    listen to her cd and you can clearly see she is alternative.

  • Matt

    Man Lorde’s lucky award shows are at night. Is she allowed out when the suns still out?

    • anon

      hahahahahahahahahhahahhahaha best comment award goes to you

  • anon

    She did great. One of the best performances