• anon

    Wow Nick look a little more excited to help that fan surprise her friend who can’t meet you. He can’t even be bothered to pay attention, hold the sign up right or act like he gives a fuck. The girl was happy but it would have been nice if Nick acted like he cared.

    And that is why he is losing fans who are willing to do things like go see his movie or watch his TV show. Because if Nick can’t be bothered why should his fans?

    • JJ

      Maybe he wasn’t ready for her to snap it! Ever thought of that? He would have retook the picture if she would have asked him bc he has done it before. He stopped with many fans yesterday, but how can he feel close to fans when they are constantly being cruel to him. Everyone forgets that he has feelings too. This fanbase is pathetic & mean!

      • anon

        Please he’s taken enough pics in his life to know to be ready when someone hands him a sign to hold up and points a camera at him. He was just more interested in whatever Olivia was doing off camera to pay attention. Which just proves what I have been saying ever since the break up–if you aren’t a fan who is right in front of Nick then he couldn’t care less. Which is why he makes zero effort to connect with fans unless they put themselves right in front of him. That’s why I was LOLing when DirectTV tweeted to follow Nicks IG for behind the scene photos of his show, as if Nick ever gets in IG to do anything except like Olivia and her family’s pics and maybe post a pic of him and Olivia.

  • azuritesong

    I think that I am the only true and nice jonatick that is left :( I have never said anything mean about him and never will :) Go Nick <3 <3 <3

  • Guest

    i really must be the one and only true fan left cous all you guys are always talking about Joe and Nick’s GF’s and not about how awesome the Jonas Brothers are :)