Cameron Dallas Nash Grier And Carter Reynolds Billboard Music Awards 2014 Arrival Pictures

CVine stars Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, Matthew Espinosa and Carter Reynolds attended the 2014 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photos: WENN. Are YOU fans of any of them?


  • anon

    i don’t understand the obsession with these guys. they all seem like toolbags.

    • a

      They’re not even the least bit attractive, so it’s mind boggling.

  • Tash

    So if Ellen was a man, now we’d know what Ellen would look like *points to guy on the right*

    • laura

      Ellen is far more attractive than that little creep tho.

      • Tash

        That’s exactly what I was thinking. This means Ellen should just stay a tomboy. Because that dude is creepy looking.

        • laura

          Ellen is queen! :D
          Can’t wait until that guy disappears: his eyes are just the creepiest things I’ve ever seen.

  • A Cat

    Never heard of Nash and Cameron until they posted that extremely rude and sexist video on Youtube. Now that I’ve heard of them, I don’t like them.

  • laura

    I hope he shaved his arms.

  • strater

    I dont think they deserve to be at something like the BBMA’s it blows my mind that they are allowed inside. People need to stop pumping their egos..

    • Cali

      “I dont think they deserve to be at something like the BBMA’s”

      The kardashian/jenners get in and they don’t do anything.
      If they can get in then ANYONE can get in.

      • Tash

        The Kardashians model, own businesses & have the show. These people make annoying videos sometimes & just exist the rest of the time. They are not even good looking! The Kardashians at least have a small percentage of relevance & I won’t deny their business skills, no matter what way it came about. They took it & ran with it & turned it into this absurd cash cow & brand. Many others could not do the same & had their 5 min & faded. So the two can’t be compared. They are more in the Janoskian lane.

        • Cali

          Only kris really has any hustle. The rest just follow her instructions.
          And a mind-numbing reality show is not a claim to fame. They are only famous because a lot of people think they’re hot. I’ll take viners over the kardashians any day (not these boys in particular i don’t like them but still).

          “They took it & ran with it & turned it into this absurd cash cow & brand.”

          And some of the vine stars and youtubers are doing the same thing no difference. Some of them are a lot more talented than the kardashians.
          Greyson Chance was found on youtube and he has more talent in his pinkie than they all do combined

          • Tash

            Oh I know this, don’t get me wrong. But these boys are below Kardashian level. They’re just beyond ridiculous & pointless. They still do absolutely nothing. Even the Janoskians did pranks. These boys just leave me confused in terms of their relevance at all.

          • Cali

            Maybe they are like I said im not a fan of them but ive watched some viners and youtubers that are really talented. singers, dancers and some that are very funny.

            I wont have respect for someone or something just because it’s on tv. Far as Im concerned 60% of the programs on tele right now are absolute bull, “reality” or scripted.

  • Eva

    Who are these people?

    • laura

      Arrogant douchebags that make girls feel bad about themselves. Also, they’re creepy: look at those eyes, eww.
      That’s all you need to know.

  • FuckHarry

    I find them annoying opps.

  • HolyGround

    Nash looks so creepy wtf