Cristiano Ronaldo Naked Vogue Espana

cristiano-ronaldo-nakedCristiano Ronaldo naked behind Irina Shayk Vogue Spain June 2014 issue.

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  • yung illuminati

    His face/hair always looks so greasy. I like what they did with the gold writing going over the rather plain looking dress.

  • anon

    So glad that they are sexualising a man instead of woman for once!

    • Godney

      yesss!!! Get the man naked!!

  • laura

    Oh me gusta mas!
    Jfc he has a really nice body :o

  • Guest

    He is the best looking male.
    Beside Jeff Carter and Patrick Sharp.

    • JC

      he’s ugly trust me!

    • HolyGround


      • Me

        No way.
        Sharp>kane>the rest of the hawks

        • HolyGround

          Ha maybe you’re right, but Toews definitely comes before kane. Kane is good looking too, but not when he’s trying to grow his beard out

  • JC

    love her sfm! cristiano, not so much

  • lol

    cristiano is hot wow