Eiza Gonzalez Extra Cleavage W/ Wilmer

Celebs Doing An Interview For EXTRAeiza-cleavageEiza Gonzalez looked sexy showing off cleavage with Wilmer Valderrama at Universal Studios to do an interview for the show EXTRA in Universal City, California on May 19, 2014. Photos: FameFlynet.

  • Eva

    Gorgeous with make up… But I can ‘t help but wonder what she looks like without it…

    • Tash

      Apparently she had lots of plastic surgery. Over a dozen procedures. They posted the before pics. Yep the difference is DRAMATIC! I think with all that surgery, she’d look fine without makeup. Since they basically gave her a whole new face & great features.

      • Eva

        … I don’t know… It kinda looks like she just had a very good puberty phase to me. What exactly did she have done? Do you know? Maybe lip injections but I don’t see anything else… a lot can change naturally in 7 years especially if you are young you know. And losing weight helps too..

        • Tash

          Oh yeah, that’s what I think is going on with Kylie. But this is insane. You can see work done. Pay attention to the transitions in her nose & chin etc. Over the years it changes. Facial shape changes, noses don’t. Just google her name & add the words plastic surgery. They list all her procedures & go through it. I was so surprised. Because it’s everywhere, not just an OU post.

          • mo

            idk. her 2009 pic look exactly like her currently

          • Tash

            Of course I can’t be sure. But it’s plastered everywhere. Lengthy talk of the surgeries too. Check it out & decide for yourself.

        • BrokenArrow18

          nose job and chin, she also played an anorexic girl on tv so she lost a lot of weight so that’s why she looks different

          • Clauber

            She just gained weight for the movie then you can notice that chin Job is fake, only nose Job is real She was just too skinny

      • 3434

        well she got sergury in her face in her body in her butt well everything

  • Not her again

    Hate her that bitch she thinks she better what a low class she has everyone’s is are hating her I wating for her to go back to her country because she is not welcome here in the United States

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    Sex God Wilmer fucked Eiza for sure.

    All men would pick Eiza over the creature Demi.

  • Hannibal

    Well it’s a good thing Demi Lovato isn’t insecure or anything now… right?


    • A.U.

      Season finale is tonight..Ahhhhhh!! I’m so excited!

      • .

        who do you think is going to die tonight?

  • lalala

    She looks like Ashley greene…

  • Anon

    You don’t go from Liam Hemsworth to Wilmer.

  • anon

    Wilmer finally listened to me and grew out his hair.

  • TruthHurts

    Remind me why girls who are actually hot like Wilmer? Demi I get cause lets be honest that is the best she can ever do… But the rest? I don’t get it.

    • Tash

      Nah, she did better. She had Joe. But then again, she kinda put him on the spot & he just gave in. That’s how that all began. He never seemed into it. He tried but discovered that you can’t just date someone because you don’t want to hurt them by rejecting them. Which is very obvious. But I’ve been down that road too with friends. But I guess that Joe thing still counts. I think Wilmer is good at playing the nice guy. He fucked over a lot of girls & got with plenty of virgins, then shamed them by bragging & making fun of them in interviews. I’m surprised he didn’t screw over Demi. Maybe he grew up.

      • hmno

        She didn’t had Joe. Joe himself said he just dated her because everyone thought they would make a good couple.

        • Tash

          That’s pretty much what I said. They both told the story. She randomly told Joe that they both date the wrong people & should basically date each other since they’re such good friends. Joe panicked & literally bailed. Then gave in & gave it a shot. Lasted a month. He realized it truly was just a friendship. The end.

          • Anony

            yes demi and joe jonas are friends only but the date thing was fake

          • Tash

            I disagree. I think they did date. I believe their story. It makes sense. Demi was pissed when Joe broke up with her. She distanced herself from the entire Jonas family. Only Nick had contact with her & it wasn’t public for a while. After a while they worked out their differences & became friends again. But they used to be besties. She & the entire family. The relationship definitely is not what it used to be. Yes, life & changes does do that. But I also feel that them dating did bring tension & damage their close bond.

    • anon

      Wilmer is hot and he’s charismatic. I think he was skeevy and whatever when it came to girls, but he seems nice as a friend and brother/son.

    • JC

      Demi can do better!

  • Tash

    In that magazine pic she kinda looks like Ashley Greene & Olivia Culpo had a baby.

    • anon

      Olivia Culpo? You mean the next Kate Moss?!!!! :D

      • Tash

        Do you mean Olivia or Eiza is the next Kate Moss? Was it sarcasm or do you feel that way? Sorry I didn’t understand.

        • anon

          Olivia! it was sarcasm.

          • anon

            well not sarcasm persay more like a joke

          • Tash

            Oh okay. I still don’t get the joke though. Sorry. : Personally, I’m impartial to Olivia. Don’t like or dislike her. I feel like I don’t know enough to generate any sort of opinion. Olivia doesn’t really show us her personal side, just the public persona. I do view her positively though. She was Miss Universe. You have to have qualities that span over many things to even qualify to compete for such things.

  • http://zarriall-zombies.tumblr.com FuckHarry

    All I see is fez when I look at him lol

  • Pamela Lansbury

    Watch out, Demi, remember what happened to Liam&Miley!

  • andy

    now demi and miley cant talk about this bitch. lol