Justin Bieber Strip Club Promotion Offer

justin-bieber-khalil-sharieff-suck-strippers-nipplesJustin Bieber has been offered $1 million to front a strip club chain’s TV ads, reports [email protected] has learned. Larry Flynt’s Hustler Clubs are planning a nationwide campaign to get men to stop ‘outsourcing visits to strip clubs and from now on buy only American.’

A TV commercial is proposed that would involve Bieber passionately kissing a woman wearing an American-flag bikini and burying his face in her ’38 Double D’s.’ Bieber would then say to the camera, ‘Keep it here in the good old U.S. of A. Keep the lap dances a-coming when you turn 21.’

Hustler marketing director: ‘That’s not really an ad, it’s actually a public service announcement for Justin’s legions of fans who (are) about to enter adulthood.’ He suggested that Bieber and his dad Jeremy have his 21st birthday party at one of their clubs.

There is a time honored tradition in this great country of ours of fathers taking their sons to Strip Clubs when they reach 21 to learn what it means to truly be a man, and Justin can set a shining example in continuing that uniquely American rite of passage, even though we know of course that Justin is Canadian.’

The letter also says: ‘I’m sure that I don’t have to tell you that this could be the last big offer that he will ever receive.’ Do YOU think that Bieber should take the offer?


  • Eva

    That photo of him and that kid sucking that girl’s tits still makes me incredibly sad. I don’t know if its the youth of Justin’s face or the fact that they are ‘sharing’ her or … I just don’t know. Women are better than this, girls should stop doing this type of stuff honestly.