Dancer Spreads Miley’s Ass Cheeks!

miley-ass-cheeks-spread (93)miley-ass-cheeks-spread (32)Lucky UK Smilers got to see Miley’s cheeks spread and her camel toe!

Listen to Our Queen cover The Smiths under!

  • threelittlebirds



      what her next ~phase going to be? omgggg

      • threelittlebirds

        I’m kinda scared tbh.

    • Eva

      I am mad about Dean Winchester… Always has the best facial expressions.

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      The perfect GIF for this moment. LOL

  • Jennylover


  • shanghai

    YUCK does she really think anyone wants to see that!!! Girl needs to have more respect for herself and her abilities as a singer and performer – maybe even as a person. Can only think that someone very insecure would be trying this hard for attention. Problem is people are just laughing at her.

    • Godney

      i think the problem is that some people do want to see this… and thats sad

  • Eva

    Again… I will just say, her fans seem to like it… Personally, I have lost all respect for the girl. I don’t know what kids mean when they say ‘slay queen’… This surely can’t be slaying.


      no no bby this is slaying

      • Eva

        True!! Taylor slays so hard though… Wow.

      • Godney

        yasssss!!! ( i dont like lorde and taylor but they are huge and that its a fact!)

    • anna

      yeah…her fans love it. i don’t get it. but then again everyone i know who likes her is just like her.

  • Jared
  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I would feel less than if I did this, I don’t see how she doesn’t.

  • laura

    I love Miley but the ass cheeks spreading has to stop, sorry.
    Also don’t cover the smiths, please. It’s just like with the Beatles: it wasn’t bad but just don’t.

    • Godney

      to me its like seeing someone trying to perform an MJ song… just no.

      • laura

        Exactly. Some artists shouldn’t be touched because it’ll never come close to the original. I don’t mind acoustic versions of songs though, most of the time I love those.

  • thecat61

    Looks to me like she just put her hands on her ass. You got a video of it, OU?



  • Emmatome

    It looks to me like she has no self-respect anymore. This isn’t even for attention anymore. It’s just… Who she’s become. And that’s a shame.

  • Tinna

    And her mommy is probably sitting in the front row cheering her on. What a disgrace.

    • cami

      Tish went home on Sunday to LA to be with Noah during her shoulder surgery, so she’s not around now

  • TruthHurts

    This girl is vile. Disgusting. No wonder why Liam dumped her ass. What sane perfect man would even want to be associated with her? She is utterly disgusting. Why can’t she just use her fucking voice like Ariana, Lorde or Taylor? What is wrong with her?
    It is not a surprise at all that she has no friends at all… who wants to even be near her? Disgusting. Embarrassing. Shameful excuse for a female. I can’t even imagine how Nick Jonas and Liam Hemsworth feel having to call this disgusting piece of white trash their ‘ex’. Poor boys. Filthy possibly disease riddled girl.

    • thecat61

      Once again, she dumped Liam.

      • kels

        Uh, Liam just about dumped her back in February of 2013 if you really want to know the truth. He didn’t officially off the engagement and move out until later. Whatever the case, it was HE who did the dumping.

      • Godney

        it seem like he got over her and moved on pretty fast… do you really think she dumped him?

        • monie

          Heard that he dumped her and that she was becoming too much for him and that he was outgrowing alot of his bad behavior that they did together.

          • Godney

            i heard that he broke up with her but her team didnt want the news to come out until her record was done

    • anon
      • Eva

        This made me laugh even harder.. lol

    • Eva

      I literally laughed out loud… My God. Especially after the last sentence.
      But seriously not cool dude… not cool.

  • beepbeep

    Clearly she has endured sexual abuse/misconduct as a child… it’s obvious.
    She’s messed up in the head /: it’ clear as day. She most likely has undergone some sort of hypnotic suggestion by her handlers&managers implanting and programming how miley conducts herself in a perverse, immature, vulgar, crude, manner.

    That’s the pervasive agenda though with female entertainers ; the whorification, sexual objectification, degradation, & explotation of women.

    Miley needs some deep-tissue therapy& counseling.

    • Eva

      “Whorification”?? These comments are killing me…

  • Godney

    Remember when the media and people in general gave Britney shit for her “provocative” shows every since the Oops tour?… LOL

    ps: girls has no ass to spread anyways.

    • thesestrangelittlethings


    • Eva

      I don’t know if it is just me or people are extra funny on this post.

      • Godney


  • Tash

    To all of those who dislike her or leave nasty comments. I hope you’re aware that you’re playing right into her hand. Off course no one wants hate. But all of this is generating lots of attention from everyone & actually aiding her career. I think this is just her latest transformation. I think she will change multiple times over the years. Think of Madonna. I think all of this is just a product & branding. I truly feel that she is not showing us Miley the person but rather Miley the artist. It’s obvious she’s very aware of her actions & it’s strategic. You totally get to see a different side to Miley & her intellect in interviews or when she is not putting on the character/being Miley the artist/brand. So you hating on her is only helping her. Sort of defeats the purposes, doesn’t it.

  • yeya

    The madness will be gone that day she shows off her p*ssy believe me, do it already Miley so you stop doing stupid shit for the rest of your life.

  • yeya

    Btw why would she ruing a perfect song like “theres a light that never goes out” she sounds drunk as fuck.

    • lizzie55

      Cheyne and her stylist Jessy posted photos from St. Tropez. So they are on the French Riviera until her shows at the end of the week. Isn’t that where they go topless on the beach? Miley will love that!

  • BrokenArrow18

    do peope still complain and rant about her doing stuff like this lolz