Miley Gorgeous New Baby Twitter Photo

miley-fish-fuckin-chips (1)miley-fish-fuckin-chips (2)miley-fish-fuckin-chips (1)So long Gluten Free Diet LOL!

  • Alii

    LOL at OceanUP’s comment. Also, does anybody else find it kind of disturbing that she uses that picture as her avi and her tits as her header picture?

    • thecat61

      Miley being Miley. Lol!! But you have to admit that baby pic is adorable.

      • Alii

        So adorable. That curly hair!

  • Anonymous

    Cute then, Hell Now. Innocent, right, and adorable…..Boastful, bad, but sexy

  • Rah

    Did she lie about being a celiac? Because a celiac would not put themselves through eating gluten.

    • threelittlebirds

      She never said she had celiac, just a gluten intolerance. Never believed it anyway.

  • thecat61

    I bet she was full of piss and vinegar back then too.

  • Cali


    But these will always be my faves of her.

    • thecat61


      Is she doing the duck lips in the one pic?

      • Cali

        Dont know maybe. Might be blowing a kiss

  • Jessie

    You’ve not only dishonored God, but your family. Very sad indeed.