• Cali

    I am so done with disney channel movies even more than disney in general.

    They haven’t been good since these. They need to quit. They’re just embarrassing themselves



    • laura

      OMG I haven’t even seen all of these movies :o I seriously hate the fact that we’ve only had Disney Channel here for maybe 5 years or so. I missed out on so many movies and shows..
      Zenon is my fav though, I thought it was hilarious when she was heating something up and it exploded because she used fahrenheit instead of centigrade. Good times..

      • Cali

        My fav will forever be Holes. I loved the crap out of that movie. it was the best and it was so well done it didn’t even feel
        like a kids movie.
        Where Do you live?

        • laura

          Never even saw that one :o but I’m going to check it out haha
          I live in Belgium. We had one kid channel from the government which had certain Disney shows but also more educational ones and we had Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network so I can’t really complain I guess :p

          • Cali

            Yeah I haven’t seen all the disney channel movies But that one was the most well done one to me by far. It’s on youtube I think.

    • Matt

      They need to stop acting like kids are stupid. Every show/movie always has the same dumbed down plot with the same dumbed down characters and they always have that one insanely stupid character that can’t even say the alphabet. They really need to make more intelligent stories and characters. Contrary to their belief I bet people could comprehend a more intelligent plot.

  • Duckyhoward15

    I think it was all goo till camp rock 2 tbh but she is a very good dancer