Ariana Grande Grandfather Seriously Ill

ariana-grandfather-2ariana-grandfatherAriana’s grandfather is ill and she also deleted a Tweet that she didn’t send: ‘that wasn’t me lol.. whenever anybody tweets for me u bet ur ass I’m gonna delete it.. but yes i unfortunately will be missing the #HollisterHouse event due to some family issues… need to get home to grandpa… love u & sorry

..and sorry for not tweeting too much my loves I’m just a little distracted & down cause of grandpa. neeeed him to get better. love u always.. good news is we found a really dope studio in FL so I can go home to spend some time with him while I finish up the album! happy to go home

  • guest

    Aw, he looks like such a sweet old man.

  • Eva

    I never met either one of my Grandfathers.. It makes me sad sometimes but Oh Well. Such is life. He seems to be such a happy sweet man.

  • BrokenArrow18

    oh no hope he gets better