Nick Jonas Shirtless Navy Street Promo

nick-jonas-shirtless-navy-streetnick-navyNew shirtless Navy Street promo with Nick Jonas.

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  • boystan


    • ca

      love urself bby

    • hudgens.

      hey whore somethin. I forgot your twitter. lmao

  • annie

    i cannot wait to see him all sweaty and panting on my tv

  • anon

    no muscles can give you fighting skills. He would be screwed if he got in a real fight tho

    • Sam

      Are u fucking serious? Nick wouldn’t be doing this if he couldn’t actually fight u loser this is REAL FIGHTING it’s not fake!!!!!! Nick is a good fighter u need to stfu u know nothing.. So fuck you hater!!

      • anon

        who said imma hater? i’m just a realistic fan and not a dumbass ass kisser like you :)

        • Rachel

          Why u even here? Nicks gonna be so

          • hudgens.

            They’re not even hating…

      • Anon

        Omg how dumb could you be? People like you still exist? This is so sad

      • hudgens.

        How is this person hating? They’re stating the truth. You need muscles in order to fight.

    • anon

      If you’re a lot stronger than your opponent even if you have no training and he does you still have a slight advantage over him. That is why there’s weight divisions. A 200 pounder heavyweight boxer and a 140 pound lightweight wouldn’t fight together even at the same level of skill. Or a woman and a man although there have been mixed fights in rare instances. In this case tho the fighter looks stronger than Nick.

  • morgan freeman

    is he the one on his knees? oh hell naw did he shave again :/

  • Fiona

    My GOD he looks so ugly :/

    • hudgens.

      Then don’t look. But anyone who calls another person ugly is really the ugly person inside and out.

  • Anonnn

    Why is he so fuckin ugly omg :(

    • hudgens.

      He doesn’t live up to your expectations.

  • nana

    ew wtf? why why

  • anons

    this is so upsetting lmao

    • Catherine

      If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all. He looks amazing you’re just a silly hater. Don’t listen to them haters nick we love you!

      • hudgens.

        It’s not like Nick reads the comments on here.. lmao

  • hudgens.

    Do y’all forget that he shaves his head for the show? Don’t be stupid.

  • Bzzzzzzzz

    Sheesh nick no need to scalp yourself a regular buzz cut will do fine.

    • hudgens.

      It’s for his role.

      • Bzzzzzzzz

        Yes I am aware but he has shot two other eps with normal buzzed hair.

        • Hi

          They don’t shoot in order plus they told him to shave

  • Jes

    what’s with the different name?

  • Tash

    *Run & Leaps*