5SOS ‘Miley Is Not Ready For Marriage’

5-seconds5 Seconds Of Summer played Snog, Marry, Avoid with Capital FM. Luke: ‘I would avoid Miley because I would probably look like an idiot in front of her.. she’s too cool.”

Michael: ‘I’d marry Miley. Screw you guys. Actually, no, I take that back. Miley’s not ready for marriage.’ Ashton added: ‘Follow us on Tinder! Ah, well, you know.. I may be on Tinder. I haven’t got any requests yet on Tinder..’


  • thecat61

    Awww too cute. The boys are crushing on her.

    • http://oceanup.com OCEANUP

      everyone is now! :)

      • thecat61

        According to Capital FM – Austin Mahone wants to take her home.

  • Guest

    I love how celebrities are so scared of telling the truth because of crazy fans or being labelled a ‘hater’.