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    selena is so lucky to still have sex with him!

    • guest

      I wonder if he pays for the medication to treat the STD’s he gave her

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        paris hilton has herpes and he supposedly made out with her. selena could sue if him if he gives her and std. thug life bangin’ bitches!

        • guest

          Doubt she can sue when she keeps going back to him.

    • ….

      Selena is doing charity work with unicef in Nepal

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  • Matt

    No Bieber. No one will ever call you Bizzle. No one will ever support your rap career. Also you’re trying to gain street cred from officer Ricky Ross? Good luck with that. Tupac is the Beetles of rap music I suggest not going there especially a song like Dear Mama. Maybe try covering Will Smith or Kanye West. Covering Tupac is worse than Miley covering The Beetles. Please just stop.

    • Fuck outta here

      You’re don’t even know how to properly write the name of the band. It’s Beatles you dumbass. And he can do whatever he wants, it’s not illegal for him to cover a song and have fun, stop taking everything so seriously and fuck off yourself and stop caring so much what Bieber does. Peace.

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    • Cali

      Michael oh god

  • hell no

    WHO THE HELL LET HIM COVER TUPAC. this is a fucking disgrace to tupac’s legacy and what he tried to stand for. i didnt even listen to the audio and i just cant. i believe he did this

    • Guest

      What the fuck is wrong with all of you? Chill the fuck out already he can do whatever he wants he just did a cover for fun leave the dude alone you hateful fucks it’s not illegal to cover songs he did it on youtube before being famous EVERYONE CAN cover any song they want get over yourself.

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  • jarbara
    • MC

      I find her so much hotter and prettier then Selena..even when they hung out in 2012 I shipped them more they would make the cutest couple and she’s incredibly down to earth and nice. I don’t get that fake clingy double faced feeling from her like from Selena. She doesn’t seem like a pain in the ass at all.

    • Mariah

      They’re adorable, I think she has a little crush on him because I saw the way she put her hand on his neck

      • Barbz21

        Can you send me the link to that video :(

    • Mariah

      How is she so short actually if she’s a model? he’s about 5 9 ?

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    That was interesting…

  • Guest

    why are you all so fucking mean, he’s just having fun oh my God get over yourselves you hateful fucks

  • Angie.

    He’s just fooling around, why so hateful? He actually raps pretty good from the few times I’ve seen videos of him rapping he’s not bad at all here he isn’t even trying

  • Lolingatyou

    Why isn’t OceanUp posting all the pics from the events Justin has attended? He looked really good every time he went out. Probably the best looks he had in a while.



  • Tash

    See, I’m more interested in why they would play ‘Dear Mamma’ at a club or party. That song is depressing as fuck. Like Eminems new song about his mother makes me wanna cry like a little bitch! These are songs you listen to on your own with a box of Kleenex. Get the memo people! Don’t you dare do that to me in the club & ruin my night. I will come there & bitch slap you & make you cry just as much as me. Take a Kleenex bitch!