Lorde Wants Austin Mahone Hookup For Her Sister India + ‘I Just Try To Not Be Too Much Of A Dick With People’

india-yelich (1)lorde-mac-beauty (2)Lorde Tweeted to her sister India Yelick O’Connor after Billboard Awards: ‘P.S. Met a very nice boy called austin mahone tonight i think you would like him!’ Lorde told WWD about her MAC contract:

‘I’m a really big fan of MAC and have been since before I could really afford it. Her first cosmetics purchase was a pale pink lipstick from the brand. ‘When they approached me, I jumped at the chance.

It’s rare that you find a brand that feels so perfect. I hate weird product placements and endorsements that feel uncomfortable.’ During photo shoot she wanted a deep plum lipstick dubbed Pure Heroine, $16, and a black eyeliner called Rapidblack, $19.50.

‘The finish [of the lipstick] was important to me. I wanted people to be able to use it as a lipstick or press it on as a stain.. I’m very much involved, I’m designing the sets for my shows, I’m designing the lighting for my shows, I’m designing my merchandise.

Basically, everything to do with me, I’m doing. I would get bored just doing one thing. I have a very clear idea of what everything needs to look like, to sound like. And I’m really bad at delegating.’

On staying grounded: ‘I just try not to be too much of a d–k with people or my mom would be like. And my sister [growing up] would be like, ‘Can you just shut up?’’ Will Lorde to a fragrance? ‘I don’t know about a fragrance, because I think I would have to find a way to make that feel cool and authentic, make it feel like me.

But I loved the collaboration with MAC. I kept it short because I wanted to make the two products more important to me, that would be a good addition to anyone’s makeup bag. But I’d like to do more lipsticks.’


  • Tash

    Swear, if I didn’t know that was Lorde & that she’s 16, I’d say that was someone who is 30+. Maturity is great, but please ladies, especially the provocative kind, try to look your age!

  • Matt


    Ah the words I live by. That gets really hard though some days. I must admit I don’t make it through every day without being a dick to someone. I feel like some people deserve it.

  • bye

    this sister of hers looks exactly like Courtney Love.

  • laura

    Wow they look a lot like each other! She’s very pretty :)
    I try not to be a dick either but sometimes I can’t help it tbh. You’re calling some asshole out and all of a sudden you’re a bitch, I’m not even mad about it..

  • honesty

    Wow, the blonde is her sister? I find it ironic that she favors both Lorde and Lana Del Ray simultaneously.

    • honesty

      Whoa. I just viewed the other pictures and my comment only applies to the picture of her in the green shirt.

  • BangBang

    Her sister could be Lana Del Ray’s sister

  • Eva

    I love her hair… but eish