Miley Naked Drugged White Face Photo

miley-naked-drugged-up-picturedrugged-out-mileyMiley Ray Cyrus posted naked an possibly drugged up ‘white face’ photo. LOVE Miley’s nudes, keep them coming! :) Also, her brother Braison is now the new Bangerz guest star. Bring Noie too! According to In Touch, ‘drugged out Miley has a disturbing confession’. What do YOU think it is?

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    without miley, instagram and life would be so boring!

  • lucy

    Noo just no!!I really feel sorry for her! Why is she still doing it? It’s not sexy or even funny…

    • thecat61

      Doing what?

      • ricka

        Maybe he will be part of the horse on stage now? Cheyne posted a pic of a beach and Jessy the stylist posted a photo from St Tropez, so I guess they are in the French Riviera! Topless beaches there, so….

        • thecat61

          What r u talking about? I know they’re in France.

  • lol
    • threelittlebirds

      right? she’s only been pregnant for like 10 years now.

  • lol
  • TrueSmiler

    She is so boring, so unfunny all the time currently.

    And Braison is on tour to spy, to care the behavior, the routine of his retarded sister, of course.

    Sad, but cute too.

    Anyway, fuck this slut.

  • BrokenArrow18

    I’d date Braison

  • lisa

    yawn. it sucks once you’ve pretty much masterbated on stage, nothing you do is entertaining or shocking, liam dodged a bullet!

    • thecat61


  • Nya

    She needs to stop doin that face its just so ugh

  • Eva

    Secondary embarrassment.

  • thecat61

    ‘Disturbing confession’ LMAO!!! OK!

  • thecat61

    Geez, it looks like a facial mask to me.

  • jess

    I don’t get why all of you hate her Sooo much when your the sad f0cks for waiting for something about smiley to appear just so you can hate on it

  • Hollyhysteria

    So over her.

    • thecat61

      Then why comment?

      • Hollyhysteria

        Because of reasons.

        • thecat61

          Omg, that’s a knee slapper.

          • Hollyhysteria


  • Godney

    kids… dont do drugs

  • disqus_TUDehE67R6

    anyone would be stupid to believe anything in touch or star writes