Cole Sprouse Shirtless + Short Haircut!

cole-sprouse-shirtless-new-haircut (22)Shirtless Cole Sprouse cut his long lock locks into a hairstyle similar to brother Dylan. Cole was spotted out shirtless out and about in New York City with Dylan. Thanks Samantha! Do YOU like Cole’s new look? Hopefully no Cole nudes leak!

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  • Mileyfan1419

    Oh thank you God! Cole finally decided to cut off his hair

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Finally! He’s looking good. ;)

    I like that girl’s shirt.

    • maria

      cole sprouse is so damn attractive with long or short hair,i understand everyone has opinion &preferences but i dont get how a beautiful person stop being beautiful because of a damn hairstyle &even rejected for that,al though he looks even hotter now ..

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        Certain hairstyles make a person’s face different and it’s not always flattering. Personally he wasn’t ugly with long hair but it didn’t fit him TO ME. I’m still a Dylan girl overall so it doesn’t matter how either of them wear their hair but just like anyone else, some hairstyles aren’t for everyone. And even you said “he looks even hotter now ..” He does! :)

        • chris

          if you are a dylans girl whats the point comment everytime this site post a bout cole? {having something negative to say of course} ,the user here saying cole will become better looking man is right ,he is al ready no matter his hairstyle.

          • Marina And My Diamonds

            Just because I’m a ‘Dylan girl’ doesn’t mean I don’t like Cole. LOL stop trying to start something, I’ve never posted anything remotely negative about Cole. It’s not serious. And you’re the same user (maria) with a different name.

  • rose

    very little care a bout his haircut ,he is so good looking & has definately the hotter body of the two .

  • Cali

    LOOKING Goood. They’ve grown up nicely.

  • Tash

    I think as they age, Cole will become better looking that Dylan. Dylan is a cute boy but I think Cole will be a good looking man. His features are starting to come in.

  • laura

    I actually quite liked his long hair.. It just looked very artsy and deep, if that makes sense? Anyway, he’s still fucking hot.

  • JoeJonasTroops

    heart eyes

  • J336

    Que buenorro que está Cole Sprouse , menudos pezones y menudo ombligo , está muy atractivo y a el , el vello del ombligo no le queda del todo mal como a su hermano Dylan .Está para comérselo , ahora ojalá se anime como su hermano Dylan Sprouse y se nos desnude y le podamos ver el pene que esconde .