Miley ‘Taylor Swift Is Boring In Bed’

taylor-swift-sexSex prodigy Miley Ray Cyrus reportedly can’t stand Selena Gomez’s best friend and international business leader Taylor Swift. Insider revealed to OK! Magazine: ‘She thinks Taylor is stuck up and can’t deal with how prissy she is. Miley can’t stand girly girls. She’s telling everyone that Taylor is a ‘sexless, frigid ice princess’ who ‘bored’ Harry Styles out of bed.’

Miley was not happy about Taylor’s reported MTV VMAs diss, ‘That’s one thing Miley can’t stand, women being bitchy to other women.’ Do YOU think Taylor is ‘frigid’ in bed? Miley had a new photo shoot in France!

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  • jayde

    omg, no. ‘reportedly’ – i doubt this is even true. and i doubt she wouldn’t even know what taylor is like in bed. besides, i bet most guys wouldn’t even touch miley with a ten foot pole.

    • Matt

      Anytime you see “reportedly” or “a source says” that tells you right there that they made it up. I’m a really boring person so Taylor would be more my type.

    • Caitlyn D

      i think miley is hoping for someone with a 10 ft pole!

      • jayde

        haha i love that, well played.

        • Caitlyn D


  • Carlee

    Highly doubt Miley said this… She’s friends with Taylor too. They performed together before… Miley isn’t a bitch like this.

    • kat

      They were friends 4/5 years ago, not anymore.. They haven’t hung out since then. They ignore each other when they’re at the same events. When Taylor won at the Billboards last year Miley’s mom and sister didn’t bother standing up, even though they were practically sitting next to her. Its pretty obvious they have a rift. Miley called Taylor out for dressing like Vanna White at the VMA’s. Taylor has voiced that she doesn’t think its necessary to suddenly turn into a sex vixen when you hit 18/ legal age.

      Taylor and Miley are like polar opposites. Taylor probably would care less than to hang out with wild pussy out miley. Miley isn’t classy/ normal enough to hang out w/ taylor.

      • hudgens.

        What happened to “Nina”

      • DestinGal

        Well said! I like a lot of Taylor’s music and some of Miley’s music, but I really love Taylor’s fashion sense and taste in houses/real estate that she buys. Her taste is just so classy and timeless. Miley just seems to do anything & everything for shock value and just seems so nasty in her everyday life and probably in bed too. Like belching, farting, drinking, chewing & smelling like pot in slutty attire with whips and crap like that in the bedroom. Yuck

  • barbiescunt

    this is such BS but i couldn’t imagine either of them are good in bed lol

    • Caitlyn D

      haha i agree

    • Godney

      for some reason i see miley as a very loud and talking alot in bed.. like “oh yeah baby right there” over and over again lol

  • Zaina777

    Taylor looks so pretty here.

    • honesty

      Like an actual Barbie!

  • zack

    Oh please, I’d rather be in bed with a lady like Taylor rather than someone who would throw up while having sex and rub herself with it aka Miley. Seriously, “girly girl” > nasty bitch.

  • thecat61

    Lmao!!!! I call this bullshit!

  • A

    So does this confirm that Taylor is lesbo bc how else would Miley know lol

  • BrokenArrow18


  • Mileyfan1419

    Why would you believe ANYTHING that OK! Magazine says, everything that’s in their magazine is all made up by their so called “sources”.

    • thecat61

      That’s because you have people who can’t think for themselves. They’ll believe anything these trash magazine’s print. It’s pretty sad.

  • threelittlebirds

    highly doubt it, but you know what they say: lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets

  • Matt

    Do YOU think Taylor is ‘frigid’ in bed?

    I would LOVE to find out. I doubt this is true but I wouldn’t mind being in bed with Taylor. She is so hot.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Who to believe.. The sane part of my brain or the tabloids? hmm.

    • thecat61

      Go with the sane part of your brain.

  • Caitlyn D

    i believe miley on this one

  • Emma Stone

    “That’s one thing Miley can’t stand, women being bitchy to other women”

    “She’s telling everyone that Taylor is a ‘sexless, frigid ice princess’ who ‘bored’ Harry Styles out of bed.’”


  • Pamela Lansbury

    Fun fact: the guy on the right is Jacopo Sarno, an Italian actor/musician from Disney Channel Italy (he did “As the bell rings”). Miles, you’ll never get rid of Disney!