Selena Gomez In Nepal Until Friday

selena-gomez-nepal-for-unicef (33)Saint Selena Gomez will leave Nepal this Friday back to the US via Indian route, according to journalist Bisnu Sharma. She is in Nepal on a mission as a UNICEF ambassador and was pictured dancing to local music.

According to people who where there, she was very sweet and is very humble. The photo was taken in the district of Dang, Nepal. Selena also posed with community members during a cultural festival and went to a local school.

  • maria

    i’am sooo happy that she is working on unief

  • maria

    she is the best idol.



    • beepbeep

      vomit inducing..

      • OCEANUP

        you have to admit that she is at least very flexible!

    • SkinnyGossipGirl

      Those legs need toning if she is going to be flashing them everywhere. Fucking disgusting flabby and she has no neck?

    • Eva

      LMAO. Music nowadays.

  • maxim
  • Marina And My Diamonds

    All beautiful women.

  • May

    I’m glad she’s doing this for unicef since she didn’t do her annual acoustic concert for them this year

  • anon

      it nevvvvvver lasts :

  • SkinnyGossipGirl

    So what? Did she bring them money or food or what? I don’t get the point of Ambassadors, just go to Sudan and look around, get a few pictures and bam we are done back to the US were people are going to swoon over how I am such a good idol. wtf is wrong with America?

    • Eva

      On top of that Selena has raised nearly half a million dollars for UNICEF through her benefit concerts.
      Her mission visits although you do not see it are to deliver usually medical supplies, food and clothing to children in disadvantaged areas. She also has the job to assess the situation and hear the problems of children from THEIR mouths and hence is in a better position to advocate for help be it financial or in kind from people who have and are willing to donate.
      The Ambassador role is quite large and very helpful – there have actually been a lot of studies by Undergraduates mostly on how effective their roles are. I think the best person to follow for you to understand it is Mia Farrow, however Selena has shown commitment seeing as she is still so young and has already done a lot, imagine what she will do when she is older!

      • JC

        this! Thank you!

        • Eva