Vanessa Hudgens Toned Sexy Abs Picture

vanessa-hudgens-absSexy actress Vanessa Hudgens posted a hot picture of her abs and belly button ring: Oh snap hard work paying off #abs #fitnessfreak #healthylife #stayfit #hustlin!

  • Alii

    She’s so beautiful and fit. But those nails have got to go.

    • Sandy McFarlane


    • honesty

      Agreed. Did you see when she had all that gold and silver bs on her nails for coachella? It was hideous!

      • Tash

        Maybe she’s secretly all hood! Those nails can definitely cut a bitch!

        • honesty


  • threelittlebirds

    get it gurlll

  • Tash

    No. I’d rather be fat. No joke. That is just weird looking. Maybe it’s the angle =

    • threelittlebirds

      it could be. it does look a little weird, now that you mention it..can’t deny she’s in good shape tho. wish i had that motivation

      • Tash

        She’s always at Pilates & working out! It’s definitely a life style. I agree, wish I was the same. But I’d choose the gym over Pilates & Yoga & all that stuff. I do not have the patience for all of that. I am not a calm person & I refuse to be one also =p

        • threelittlebirds

          i’ve tried Pilates. it’s actually really fun. it’s not boring at all, like yoga lol

          • Tash

            I’ve done it too. Still hate it! It’s not easy. I get angry & quit. Long live work out machines! =D

          • laura

            How can you hate pilates?? It’s the only exercise I don’t mind doing haha
            But yoga is such a drag, it doesn’t relax me one bit. One time my friend and I wanted to try it and all we did was talk about how stupid everyone was looking.

          • Tash

            I have no patience or tolerance. I also don’t like people. So I have no will to do it alone & I like to be left alone. So I stick to the machines. It tells me how long I’ve been working out, how many calories I’ve burned. It’s the ultimate work out buddy =D

          • laura

            Ugh no the machines always give me stress because there’s all these really muscular guys working out there and I just feel looked at and as if I am not strong enough. At least during pilates, I am surrounded by weak ass women so it makes me look better. I am an awful person omfg..

          • Tash

            HaHa, no it’s understandable. But where I’m at, we all leave each other alone & focus on our own business. So it’s all good :)

          • laura

            Well Belgian men don’t know how to mind their own business. One time I was running and I had it on 8km/hour and this guy next to me got pissed and put his on 9 so I put mine on 10 and omg I thought I was going to die. It was hell!

          • Tash

            HaHa! Such tools! Oh my word, most boys here would off course think they are better. But wouldn’t compete. They’d probably try & help a girl because they think they can maybe show her a thing or two. Guys here don’t feel like they are super awesome if they are competing against a girl. Other guys would look at them like they are idiots & probably tell them to stop hassling the girls. The boys at gym tend to stick to the weight section. Girls are never there. It’s nice here. Even the hot girls don’t get bothered :)

  • Lucy

    Good for her! get itt

  • liz

    very nice body, but wow belly rings are very 2005. and they look so tacky and slutty. i will no longer call her “pudgens” because she finally did something about the pudginess. props to her!

  • Jared

    What does she do anymore? I mean this not in a nasty or judging way. But what is her purpose in Hollywood? She’s very beautiful, obviously, but all she’s known for is her leaked pictures and Spring Breakers. She doesn’t do movies often anymore, and that she does do are awful. She doesn’t do music. She’s not a Candie’s girl anymore. All she is known for now is posting pictures online, hanging out with her boyfriend, going to Coachella, and getting paparazzi pictures taken of her at the gym, which she’s OBVIOUSLY calling herself, because like I said, she’s not the commodity she once was. Her last interview was about planning Ashley Tisdale’s bachelorette party. How far can you fall from fame? What does she do?

    • Anon

      Actually she is doing music. She’s a bongo girl. She does charity work. She just had a movie come out in January (which is really good by the way. If you have any questions about how well she can act I suggest you watch it). She filmed a movie not long ago called Misfits which has Ed from GG in it. She also has been working on something that’s quite personal to her. That interview she did about Ashley was done at a Candie’s event in which she was being honored for her role in GS so. Also, even the paps themselves have said she doesn’t call them. Seriously what celeb would call the paps when they’re not looking their best?

  • eat some food


  • BrokenArrow18

    she’s hot but her waist hips area always looked weird to me

  • SkinnyGossipGirl

    Yes! Keep working girl. She needs to work harder on the abs and the arms… Her collarbones need attention too otherwise spot on. She is such a lovely girl but for a while there I thought she was about to let herself go. So proud of her. #HealthyLiving