Zayn & Perrie Meet Zayn’s Oldest Fangirl

zayn-perrie-oldest-fan (3)Zayn Malik went to Perrie Edward’s grandmothers house where he met his old fan 99 year old Jenny. She told Daily Mail: ‘Zayn is absolutely lovely. It’s the first time I’ve met him and I was thrilled we could meet. He was very nice. We had a nice cup of tea and some sponge cake and he could also see Perrie which was nice.’

Meeting him for the first time went very well. It was a pleasure to meet him. I love One Direction, my favourite song is ‘Little Things’. I have got all their cds but I didn’t have them with me for Zayn to sign. Him and Perrie are lovely together and I wish them all the luck in the future.’

Zayn arrived at Perrie’s grandmother’s house in South Shields on Sunday afternoon and had the opportunity to spend time with his fiancee as well as meet members of the family he had not yet been introduced to. Perrie’s grandmother’s boyfriend, Stuart Gasston, took the opportunity to picture the pair with his mother, Jenny.

‘He was absolutely wonderful with her. We had to take plenty of pictures. He put her arm around her and everything. It was really nice for the kids to get together too, they don’t get to see enough of each other if you ask me.’

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    Hi Oceanup, post about Jarbara. What about Niall?

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    That’s v cute he’s such a sweet guy, but why does we looks like he’s about to die in some pictures but in others he looks kinda normal?

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    It looks like these 1D boys are nice guys

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    His tattoos look awful

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    Let me just say they are real and all , why is this in the media with articles and stuff wtf really :/

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    Zayn is really sweet <3

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      seriously did you see the picture of her with the red filter? looks like someone airbrushed her eyebrows on

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        omg lol

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    these pop artists are all the same, ruining their bodies with so many tattoos.

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    Aaaw that’s sweet!