Harry Styles, ‘I Don’t Like My Hair’

harry-tattoozayn-rapperBeautiful hair God Harry Styles shockingly revealed what his LEAST favorite thing about himself: Probably my hair.. Ah, it’s hard because it’s kind of my favourite and my least favourite. I really like it, but sometimes it gets in the way, especially when I’m running.’ Do YOU think Harry should cut his hair?

Who would he most like to play him in a movie? I would love for Orlando Bloom to play me because he has curly hair, but I think it’d probably be the dude who played McLovin in Superbad [Christopher Mintz-Plasse]

Harry’s right hand man Louis Tomlinson told Top Of The Pops: ‘I think the biggest misconception is that nobody expects us to have any control over anything we do, but actually, it’s the exact opposite. And the longer we stay in the band, the more control we feel we get over everything.’

Meanwhile, Zayn has been working on his rapping skills with Naughty Boy, who revealed: ‘Zayn’s actually quite a good rapper, we’ve been in the studio doing some One Direction stuff, and he can spit bars!”

Source told The Sun: ‘Zayn’s loved getting creative and is fast gaining confidence to try out new things musically. He even plucked up the courage to try to give rapping a shot. Everyone has been impressed with he results. The results sound similar to Drake.’

The rest of the boys will be joining Zayn soon to record one of the songs he co-wrote with Naughty Boy. Emeli’s proved the track’s big, catchy chorus.’ Are YOU excited to hear Zayn rap on the new album?

  • JUG

    Louis seems to like playing with Harry’s hair :)

    I miss Larry. http://youtu.be/qmOLnk-ocKU

  • Emmatome

    Well, when you think about it… Does anyone like their own hair?

    • JUG

      I’m willing to bet you an unopened bottle of his “The Key” perfume that Justin Bieber likes his hair.

  • truth

    The more control these boys get over their stuff, the more SHITTY music we get. Wmyb is the only album that was good. After that puke. They try too hard to be 80s rock bands on EVERY song they put out. Its pathetic tbqh. So generic and over rated these boys are.

    • Anna

      Your one of the few who think that. Most prefer their current music, much more raw and less produced sounding. Their 3rd album did well for a reason. The only people who prefer their old stuff are their very young fans. I’m 20 and prefer their new stuff, as do most.