Julianne Hough Attempts To Copy Miley Cyrus’ Epic 90s Style And Haircut At The Same Time

Julianne Hough & Her Boyfriend Stop by SunCafeProfessional dancer Julianne Hough attempted to emulate Miley Ray Cyrus’ on point 90s grunge style at SunCafe with boyfriend Brooks Laich in Studio City, California on May 23.

Doesn’t even come close to how Miley’s swanky carefre stylee. The Queen is scrolling on Instagram right now laughing at this sad sh*t! Photos: FameFlynet.

  • http://oceanup.com OCEANUP

    this is worse than selena’s attempts to copy miley..

  • guest

    Miley’s a trendsetter,everyone wants to be her :}

  • RealDeal

    This was not a miley cyrus attempt. It sure hell does look like it but no. Julianne’s hair is not razored on the side of the scalp. This is simply but a basic hairstyle to grow back her hair the right way.

  • OhKayy

    uh, selena and her ‘girls’ started the 90s trend out of all the current ‘it’ girls. You can see it all over her ‘diss’ dancing videos she made last year.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    The 90’s look returned way before Miley came back on the scene.

  • Common sense

    The caption in this photo is so stupid. I doubt she’s trying to copy Miley’s style. The 90’s style came way before miley! … Just stop.

  • laura

    But that’s not even 90’s style: wtf are you all talking about??

  • kat

    Just because she’s wearing black and a plaid shirt doesn’t mean she’s trying to be “punk”. She’s working out and preparing for her move live tour, and that’s how dancers usually dress. I doubt anyone would consciously try to emulate Miley’s slutty attire.

  • laura vanden daele

    Stop calling Miley the queen… She’s gonna have to do a lot more to earn that