Justin Bieber Orders Off Children’s Menu

67th Annual Cannes Film Festival  - amfAR's 21st Cinema Against AIDS GalaJustin Bieber requested the ‘kids’ menu’ at the amfAR gala at Hotel du Cap in Antibes to support AIDS research. Source told Page Six: ‘Justin’s people asked that he be brought pasta.

He sat down at a table by himself and ate, while the rest of the table waited patiently for their food.’ The event, which was hosted by Harvey Weinstein, raised a record $51.7 million. Yet, another reason Selena needs a real man!

  • RealDeal

    Selena needs a real man, but not Justin. Justin is a total chaos. Most of his reputation reports 90% of the mischievous and illegal deeds done to the community and done Nation wide. He’s only done “SOME” charitable deeds for the sake of either his image or his own heart. I wouldn’t call such support charitable. He may have millions of loyal fans, but they’re blinded by his physical appearance and attitude. His bad boy persona has attracted many females and hated by males and mainly thugs. He’s a beautiful embarrassment and shameful ambassador between Canada and USA.

    • http://oceanup.com OCEANUP

      100% agreed.

    • Hm

      I am sure that real man won’t date someone as Selena who’s a mess herself too. Pain in the ass too jealous,insecure, bitter and selfish. She will probably shade him too as soon as she doesn’t get what she wants. Why are people so sure Bieber is the problem here? I could bet it’s her who’s messing with his head and doesn’t let him move on. I don’t even like the dude but everytime he seemed happy she popped up and shit happened and after that he would act out. Think about it.

      • RealDeal

        Not really. The first pictures of them together, It was Justin Bieber who was doing most of the actions on Selena. Selena just agreed to do everything. In her heart, she loves him, but she can’t bear the actions he has done. Instead of being good girl she tries to get along with his actions BECAUSE SHE LOVES HIM. Now because of the practice of influence he has given upon her, she’s now very confused. She’s trying reverse back to her old self. Hence, the REHAB. No one, won’t go forth with a rehab unless they have problems, emotional problems. But who am i to judge?

        Now, another theory of mine, is both are playing a deadly game of cat and mouse. They’re confusing each other. It’s a love/hate game. They’re not done with each other.

        My view, Selena hasn’t had a single media about being arrested by the cups nor doing pranks upon neighbors, nor spitting.

        So what do you call that?

    • Truth

      Dude, he has done more charitable deeds than most artists i bet you like. So cut the crap. How do you know “he’s a bad persona” do you know him? Have you met him? I guess not. Stop letting your brains get full of crap while you don’t know anything about the real thing. And I could be saying this about ANY artist and ANY random “persona”. Comments like this, with people who judge without knowing someone, are the ones that disgust me, that are a “beautiful embarrassment and shameful ambassador between Canada and USA.” or whatever country you’re from. So you all that feel so good and proud about your opinions or your comments, take a moment to actually use your head and think, if you’re being any better than the person you’re judging. Seriously, enough with the crap, because that really isn’t “the real deal”.

      • JBFan

        I actually agree with RealDeal. Truth better watch what you say because your comments as well leads back to a bite to your ass. Do you even know Justin Bieber as well? Who are you to judge RealDeal. This person is just saying his point of view and theory. So stop it!!!!

  • http://oceanup.com OCEANUP

    Selena really should date Orlando..

    • Cali

      Orlando can do way better than her.
      He’s been A-list for years now. Why would he want a Teeny pop star who pined after bieber for years when he has a son.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Well someone’s looking handsome.
    LOL I order kids meals for the toys and not the actual food. I mostly give it away, I just want the toy. Childish, I know.

  • jessica

    Yeah, because when Page 6 is reporting about it, it´s true.
    Selena was the bad influence on Justin, and now heopefully she´s gone forever. He´s now way happier without her. The Drama Queen is gone. Or in other words the drunk girl is gone.

    Bye Jessica

    • Mary

      You’re so right! That’s why she was right by his side while he was being arrested or peeing in a bucket or any of the other shit he was involved in last year. Let’s be real they are both responsible for their own problems

      • Cali

        Exactly they’re in the same boat at this point.
        If she wanted better she would have left a long time ago and never looked back.

  • Anon

    Is it just me or is he looking a lot more manly lately?

  • Eva

    Am I the only one who does not find him attractive?

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      Heheheee no. There are plenty that don’t.

  • BangBang

    I know so many people who are 20 and up and sometimes order off the kid’s menu. It’s no big deal. Nice outfit!

  • tom

    well he wanted pasta whats wrong with that? so what if is in the kids menu? he was hungry for pasta, maybe he didnt like what they were serving. He looks good. and selena darlng stop with the drama. He behaving and you acting all psycho.

  • selina

    that does not makes him less men that others, what if he likes the kids menu? THAT’S WHAT HE LIKES. you guys should respect his tastes..

  • laura

    But if you’ve gone to really fancy restaurants, it kinda makes sense that he wants to order pasta from the kid’s menu. The shit they serve there is just unbelievable and the portions are probably even smaller than the kids’ ones.

    • Cali

      I knowright? I’ve done it before. big deal

      • laura

        Same here. My parents always get invited to fancy dinner parties and it’s like raw fish with fish eggs and fennel and just everything disgusting so I either bring my own food (intolerances) or get some normal food from the kid’s menu. It’s still fancy but it’s edible, you know?

  • Cali

    WHO CARES? all the other legitimately questionable things he’s done and people are reporting on this? Plenty of grown people order from the kids menu. It’s not a crime, and sometimes the stuff they have on the kids menu taste better anyway.
    And why would this be a reason Selena would need another man? If she wanted one she would have gotten one already. Pffft

  • Anna

    Selena needs a real man? Justin is a real man. This kids meal thing gets me heated lol I hate kids menus. It’s like, I can get an “adult” burger for 1000 calories or I could get a kids menu sized burger for half that, or less. This is one reason we have an obesity problem in America. Many outside-the-home meals have outrageous numbers of kcals but people insist to eat everything on their plate because “there’s starving children in Africa”. Justin’s been doing a fantastic job keeping up with his fitness, and I applaud him for ordering off a “kids menu”.

  • Matt

    “Justin’s people asked that he be brought pasta.” I’d be more concerned with that. The 10 year old I babysit for the girl I want to date orders her own food. I can see ordering from a kids menu especially in a fancy place with exotic food I’ve never heard of. I wouldn’t want to accidentally order a cows brain or something. I’d be worse I’d literally be sitting there going “Hmmm… bring me your finest chicken strips… with seasoned french fries… and a diet Pepsi.” With no shame either. I just wonder why “his people” ordered. Can he not do that himself? Did everyone speak through a person to order or was that added to make him seem childish?

  • Duckyhoward15

    Justin needs a real woman who will love him for himself not for his fame and selena needs real man who will teach her how to love someone for himself not his fame

    • captainamerica

      For real though.

      • Duckyhoward15


    • Cali

      “Justin needs a real woman who will love him for himself not for his fame”
      To true lets be honest that’s the reason she stayed with him so long.

      • Xyz

        Agree. I actually feel sad for him. I think the only girl that loved him for HIM was the one he dated before being famous. Even friends are with him mostly for money and stuff.

      • Duckyhoward15

        Totally agree , I doubt she really had any feelings for him atleast not when they started to date <3

      • aff

        If that was the case she could just step aside and let him have his hookups as Perrie does with Zayn and a lot of others singers gf and wives and she would have his fame for how long she wanted.

    • aff

      Aw! So cute thinking can judge someone else feelings as if is their intimate? Get a grip!

      • Duckyhoward15

        I said ”I” I didn’t say she didn’t love him but personally I don’t think she was in love with him please learn the difference between judging and just stating your opinion kitten