Miley Cyrus ‘That. Never. Happened.’

never-happenedmiley-cyrus-happenedQueen Miley Cyrus just Tweeted ‘that. never. happened.’ Do YOU think she is doubling down on denying the story of giving Jennifer Lawrence the evil eye when drunk? Or is Miley talking about something else? She should be more straightforward when calling someone a liar! Smilers want the truth!

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  • Zaina777

    That’s some fucked up My little pony shit going on there.

  • thecat61

    Omg, enough with this crap already, OU. This shit broke about a month ago. It’s old news, move on.

    Holy crap, instagram gone wild!!!

    Update: Miley gets emergency restraining order against a fan who allegedly threatened death.

  • Godney

    obv is about the jennifer thing… but why tweet it then deleted it and then tweet it again? it makes no sence in my head

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