Selena ‘Bieber Prefers Models To Me’

Selena Gomez Shows Off Her Bikini Body In Miamiselena-justin-bieber-feudselena-gomez-too-ugly-for-justin-bieberSelena Gomez went on a Instagram responding spree then deleted some of them, but obviously Selenators captured some of her captivating responses. One fan commented on Selena’s picture ‘@justinbieber: oooo you better get her back boy’. Selena responded to the comment ‘No. He’d rather models.’

Do YOU feel bad for Selena? It appears he is the only person she knows how to love, but he wants to have sex with models, hookers or hangers-on. It’s very sad that Bieby’s misuse of Selena’s feelings drove her to rehab :( Hopefully her trip to Nepal has taught her that he isn’t relevant anymore.

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  • Some Dude

    Bitch get over him and date one of the 390323 better men in Hollywood that want you.

    • thesestrangelittlethings

      YES. Honestly, I don’t know who would continuously take JB back with the thousands of men waiting at your hand and feet.

      • then

        Some people has trouble with beginnings. It is more easy to them try fix what is broken. Remember she just stoped go back to Nick when she meet Justin

        • Tash

          She needs a guy with Nicks maturity/mindset but Biebys personality.

          • hudgens.

            What she needs is a man with morals.

    • Duckyhoward15

      maybe they say they want her but actually don’t want her

      • guest

        I think thats mostly true.She has also publicly named guys she was attracted to and it seems none of them responded.I think Austin Mohoney and LiL Romeo are the only celebs that really want her and seem desperate and want to use her to advance their own careers.

        • humm

          Drake and Logan? Selena is not Drake’s type besides he is Bieber’s friend. and Logan is dating Alexandra for a long time.

          What would wanted she saying when someone ask who is her celebrity crush? She has to name someone

        • Duckyhoward15

          true but austin is thirsty and wants to date any girl in hollywood , camila , kendall or her and didn’t lil romeo asked demi to marry him before , hollywood is fucked up grr and thank you <3

        • Tash

          Romeo would be great. Romeo would fit anyone to be honest. He can be very chilled but also has his head screwed on straight. He has that hip hop flavor(she seems to enjoy), but is very mature & seems to have good morals that he actually lives by. Basically, he knows who he is. Bieby is still finding himself. If she can truly move on. Romeo would be the best fit for what she likes & needs.

  • Guest1

    I feel like those are fake. Like “he rather models.” Doesn’t even make sense. What.

    • lol

      homeschooling effects

  • Danna

    I think she needs a therapist. Although she told no lie because Chantel, Yovanna, Jordan, Barbara Palvin, Adriana Lima, all are models or wannabe models, but if Justin likes models let him play with his models. She needs get over it. Justin also needs ignore her and not trying explain himself and get her back, he needs give her the chance to get over him. Also these Jelena fans tagging him on her pics and hashtaging #JelenaForever needs STFU.

  • Annoms

    she needs to go back with Nick Jonas so nick can dump that fame whore Olivia Culpo Nelena was wayyy better.

    • hmmm

      She isn’t on a state of mind to be on any rs right now. She needs get her self-esteem back before.

    • Chibiusa

      Nick could never even go public with the Nelena relationship so that’s not a good idea

    • asjdlajd

      Honestly I used to love Nelena but I always had the feeling that she liked him more than he could ever offered her. And for Selena, she doesn’t need guys like that in her life. What she needs is a strong support group like Demi, Taylor, her family, etc.

  • Guest


  • kenya stewart


    • Guest

      Queen? Queen of what? Flat notes?

      • .

        Lol. SLAY

  • johnny

    Lol. I hope she doesn’t go back to him, especially if she knows he’s been with like three people after her.

    • Mariah

      Why are you so sure in that. Were you there with him?

  • RC

    She just wants attention. I bet Bieber finally decided to cut her out of his life and she’s just trying to provoke him. She needs to get over the fact that he’s moved on and she can’t leech on him anymore. And she really is showing her ass lately, first this and then the whole ‘sari, not sari’ thing. She’s a cunt.

    • johnny

      Its not that serous lol. Its not really shade either, its her way of saying he moved on.

  • Jared

    I’ve never had a real problem with Selena. I think she’s a better actress than she is a singer, and she’s very beautiful. I think, of all the young Hollywood girls, she was the most sweet and down to earth. But she really disappointed me with associating herself with Justin Bieber. To the point where she’s more known for him being her boyfriend than her being a starlet in her own right, since she has been around longer than he has been. I put the blame on the mess than is the both of them on both of them. I think Justin took advantage of a naive girl who he charmed enough to get under her skin, and I think she put too much pressure on him to be a perfect boyfriend who acted like a normal boyfriend. (I will never defend him without a cause, because I hate his punk ass, but it takes two to tango here.) But she really expected him to be faithful only to her, even when he’s a “big deal” around the world and with his status and girls flocking toward it combined with the way it all got to his head, he obviously was never going to be the person she thought he was and wanted him to be. But she kept going back. If it looks, walks, and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. When people show you themselves, believe them. And it put her in a really bad position of being considered stupid because she couldn’t comprehend that. Going back to him and ruining her career in the process. A lot of people who don’t like Selena in general like to judge her as being insecure, but honestly… if your first love cheated on you and/or played on your emotions because he literally could… wouldn’t you act the same way if you were a young girl in the digital age? I’ve seen girls act worse over a breakup who are older than her. Give her a break. She’s made mistakes. She’s had her wildness of boozing and possibly drugs and that entire mess with Taylor/the Jenners/Lorde was purely immature shit that every single girl goes through. But at least she’s been careful abut it. Justin Bieber has no shame in flaunting his vices and doesn’t seem remorseful of anything he does that he should know better. I defend her over him because at the very least, Selena Gomez has the backbone to try and fix her mistakes instead of using Jesus as a defense mechanism. I’m very happy that this era of the two of them (hopefully) is over. I wish she would stop talking about him and move on while she still has a half a chance of a career left before she’s as big as a joke as Rihanna was for the Chris Brown mess, where no one will feel sorry for her anymore. We get it. He hurt you. He’s a douche. Let him be a douche. Don’t become a Vanessa Hudgens and just become known for your boyfriend, partying, and Instagram and paparazzi pictures. And worst of all, let Justin Bieber take you down with him. Have a little more respect for yourself and move on, because this whole saga is beyond tired.

    • Zaina777

      Thank you! Selena doesn’t need Justin to be who she wants to be. She should know her own self worth.

  • thesestrangelittlethings

    Oh my gosh. This relationship’s so stupid and is literally never-ending. They need to get over themselves already……t-_-t

  • anonymous

    She is probably pressed because Barbara is back

    • smh

      Smh at him playing Unfamiliar there
      not gonna lie I would be bitter af if I saw a video of my ex with a model (that probably hooked up with him) and in the background was playing my duet with him

      • trom

        maybe that’s his friend, selena has a bunch of males friend and she takes pictures very suggestive and you dont see justin going all psycho on her? I think she the one with the problem she wants to control him, she cant he a very good looking guy who obviosly treat his woman right or she wouldnt be so despereate for his ass. He is in demand if she dumps him there is a tons of girls who want to date him, but he always seem respectful, not like selena who is climbing on top of guys and putting her entire body on them, while justin is just been decent and saying hello. If you see the video the model is the one putting her hands on him, while he seem like he just greeting her politely as a friend. selena is too obsessive and too jelouse and too much drama, she knows with it guys there is always going to be rumors, and girl will always throw themselves at them and the media will make up stuff, she should be used to this since all she dated is IT guys for fame. so why is she acting like a victim when she the one who puts herself in those type of situation, he not going to stop working because she is a jelouse girl.she just trying to blame justin, but how about her traveling across the world to throw picture with the one direction guy, and she constantly doing that, of course justin will be on demand more than her, he is hotter and prettier than her, and he work out on his body while she doesnt.

        • guest

          “He is in demand if she dumps him there is a tons of girls who want to date him, but he always seem respectful, not like selena who is climbing on top of guys and putting her entire body on them, while justin is just been decent and saying hello” lol

  • cassy

    no one forced her to keep running back to him time and time and TIME again over the past year, especially after her visit to rehab for emotional issues. and if there is anyone in this situation that people should feel bad for, it’s the fans that have had to deal with their off and on, dysfunctional a** relationship for the past year.

    • guest01

      “and if there is anyone in this situation that people should feel bad for, it’s the fans that have had to deal with their off and on, dysfunctional a** relationship for the past year.” I didn’t read this LOL

  • johnny

    She needs to date someone other than Bieber. She cant be pressed when he f’s models, just because she is probably too scared to try it with someone else.He obviously isn’t truly interested in her either and needs to realize he doesn’t need her as well. I feel like their last attempt cost her some friend and family relationships. Hopefully this was eye opener. Bieber spiral surprisingly seems like a separate issue though.

  • Matt

    OK I have a stupid question. If Bieber is supposedly having so much sex with so many models why did he have to go to a brothel? He was more popular then I can’t imagine he’d be more appealing now. I mean having sex with strippers, hookers, and Jenners just seems desperate to me. Like literally nothing else will have sex with him.

  • lmao

    LOL she’s so fucking pressed and jealous.

  • hudgens.

    Looks fake to me.

    • guest

      Being a Culpo fan you obviously cant tell what fake is.

      • hudgens.

        I love how you assume I’m a “Culpo fan” just because I know how to treat others with kindness. This is obviously fake when Selena knows how to type a complete sentence.

    • maria

      who are your favorite couple you love?

      • hudgens.

        I don’t ship any couples other than Zanessa.

  • guest

    She has serious self esteem issues.She shows that she still wants him and tells herself shes not as good as the models he wants :(

  • Zaina777

    Selena wants him back now that he is growing hair all over his face.
    She has seen the man in him now and he Latina body is ready for his Canadian sexiness. They shall now live happily every after with their kids that they will have.

    She’s having emotional problems and can’t get the fuck over Justin Bieber.

  • Dina

    No she better off without him!

  • Duckyhoward15

    she is doing it for attention now

    • nah

      nah. She just stating the truth so these shippers get out of her page

      • Duckyhoward15

        She could have ignored it now these shippers will say broken selena wants him back blah blah :)

    • Cali

      Its been that for a year now. They’re both a mess.

      • Duckyhoward15

        Exactly , they need to let it go and move on now its crazy :/

  • Cali

    Geez are we still on this again -__-

  • Overexposed

    Sounds like insecurity

  • honesty

    This is so immature.

  • guest

    Cant blame Biebs.Selena is cute but she is nothing compared to Barbra Palvin ,Adrianna Lima and the other VS models.

    • maybe

      well, if all he wants is a trophy for display you are correct.

      • honesty

        You don’t even know what any of those girls are like so be quiet.

        • maybe

          There are a reason why their marriage never last.

          • honesty

            A lot of people’s marriages fail; that doesn’t serve to say anything about the two people involved apart from the fact that their marriage did not work. You cannot draw conclusions about the people based on this. The divorce rate is high these days anyway.

  • alsomf

    As a lesbian I won’t pretend to understand what in the FUCK a grown woman like Selena sees in that brat Bieber, but she’s coming across as such a pathetic dick-whipped girl with no self-esteem. It’s sad to see.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    First love can be dangerous. Bring along low self esteem on that ride and dysfunction soon follows. It’s like her saying “if he wants me he can but he prefers models.” Girl, no!

    • Eva

      So right. I kinda feel sad for her but then I’m like we have given you over a year to handle it, just handle it already.

  • Eva

    I thought she was talking her power back?

  • BangBang

    This is making her seem weak.

  • guest

    This is so sad.Wake the fuck up girl and dump that loser!!!!

  • moi

    smh at all the idiots that believe this post to be true.

  • non

    i’d choose barbara over her any day too but hey that’s probably just me lol

  • Barbz21

    No matter what this chick always is defended on here and everything is blamed on Bieber. Selena’s ass lickers are more delusional then beliebers. They’re not even dating and her jealous pressed ass is mad he isn’t stalking her anymore and he probably moved on. Attention is what she wants since he probably stopped giving to her she is going to do everything to make him feel bad. Yall gonna see.

  • Mariah

    Not his fault all the models look better then her and aren’t a pain in the ass

  • come on

    She doesn’t NEED a man. She NEEDS to get her shit together!

  • Best Guest

    For goodness sake, does she expect Justin to stay celibate like a priest for years and years until eventually she is ready to get married?