Selena Gomez ‘I Am In Nepal To Escape From The American Media. I Wanted Mental Peace’

selena-gomez-nepal-media (42)selena-gomez-nepal-media (225)selena-gomez-nepal-media (1)selena-changeNepal journalist @sharmabishnu revealed why Selena Gomez is in Kathmandu, Nepal. Selena is NOT just there for UNICEF or to escape Justin Bieber, the journal revealed what Selena said for the reason of her visit: ‘I’m in Nepal for to escape from American media. I wanted mental peace.’

Do YOU think Selena is mentally okay? She look so pretty with her glasses!


  • anon

    I didn’t wait Nepal’s people to know who Selena was. But probably there are Disney Channel there too.

  • anon

    Maybe she should have gone to India. I don’t think the media there cares about her. Or China

    • javi g

      india has to many people to care about any celebrity when also they have there own celebs. and don’t respect women. in china are you nuts? they would kidnap her instantly for being american oh wait thats north korea.

      • urh2r

        my friend went to india and people constantly were asking him to take pictures cause they thought he was a celeb so yes

        • javi g

          its normal they see a white person or an american they think its a celeb.

  • anonymous

    has selena ever heard the story about the boy who cried wolf? don’t waste your life like this

  • anon

    She could go all the way to Madagascar for mental peace and she’d still have American media coverage

  • honesty

    Cry me a river, Sel honestly.

  • Samantha

    Her hair really annoys me. If she’s gonna wear extensions she should at least get ones that match her hair colour.

    • Emma Stone

      Different colours is the style now. I think…….

  • hudgens.

    I don’t blame her.

  • thecat61

    So she’s in Nepal to escape American media. She just opened the flood gates once again. If someone wants to escape the media, they need to zip it and not tell everyone where the hell you are.

    • haha

      I think she is mad about the pregnancy rumours.
      Next tabloid cover: Selena Gomez decides have her baby in Nepal

      • thecat61

        How do you think Jennifer Aniston feels?

    • well

      Not her fault if fans spotted her there and posted pics all over social media and also the hotel staff twitted about her hotel booking before she even got there

      • thecat61

        I’m sorry but who posted a picture of herself in a bikini on a beach, supposedly ‘taking her power back?’ Go look at the post again.

        And as for the hotel, there’s ways around that. Where’s her team at?

        • what?

          That pic is not from Nepal. It was from Dominican Republic.
          Nepal has no beach

          • Eva

            I was going to say that!!

    • javi g

      unicef release some pictures of her visiting children thats what i think happened. then some gossip websites put the pics online.

  • asdfghj

    The Dalai Lama sucks balls.

  • javi g

    why she says american media and it dosen’t say american gossip media? because the pregnancy rumors and every crap like that its created by gossip websites like ou,hollywood life,radar online etc. in my view she shoudint have let bieber come back to her life when they where in texas.

  • Hazzy

    Damn, google translate failed me

  • Guest


  • guest

    Funny when one of the biggest attention whores ever wants to avoid the media.She loved the Selena/Bieber media attention when times were good.

    • captainamerica

      She wants to escape the media BUT disses Biebrr on instagram looool she’s butthurt he’s with prettier girls

  • Pamela Lansbury

    First step. “I don’t want media to talk about me, leave me heal alone”.
    Second step. Tell everyone where you are.
    Third step. Shade your (ex)boyfriend on instagram.
    Waiting for your next move, Selenita…

    • Barbz21

      Lmao hahahahah I’m wondering what it is lol

  • BrokenArrow18

    she does have some serious mental problems lol