Christina Grimmie Finally A Signs Record Deal With Adam Levine ‘Thank You Jesus, Brian And Mandy!’

christina-grimmie-adam-levine-record-dealChristina Grimmie just signed a brand new record deal with Adam Levine: THANK YOU ADAM LEVIINNNEEE!!!!! For wanting to sign me to yur label.. bc after 5 years on YouTube, not a single label out there would sign me. And he has known me for only a couple months n wud you look at that.

Adam BELIEVES in me, as did my Team Grimmie all these years. Also UHMM thank yu to my managers BRIAN AND MANDYYY who believed in me for 4 years now, SERIOUSLY GUYS WE HAVE ARRIVED!!! It’s music makin time!!!!! This moment. RIGHT NOW..IS THWJEKALWOJEBRJELAKAHDJAKAJDHKAKDJDKAKA THANK YU JESUS!!!!!!!! SO BLESSED TONIGHT!!!!!

Did anyone listen to her first EP? It was really good..

  • Cali

    GOod for her

  • Mirela

    I did not know Brian and Mandy managed Christina. What a twist.

    • javi g

      shhhhhh they have been her managers for some time shhhhh. don’t let the other voice contestants know that she had managers. lol

  • Some Dude

    Adam is so damn fine unf

  • Wtf

    Hmmm, go to an English class first, PLEASE!

  • lala

    She is awful. She’s gonna flop for sure.

    • Kelly

      Your a idiot if you think that.

    • jul

      she’s kind of amazing..

  • Eva

    So she is keeping Brian and Mandy as her managers? Interesting and sweet. I also noticed they work a lot with 30 Seconds to Mars – Jared specifically thanked them in his video, so they don’t just rely on Selena’s income as people have previously suggested.

  • BangBang

    Did she really write that? haha. But congrats to her!

    • Kelly

      Yeah she did. On her Facebook & twitter page. (:

  • A Cat

    I swear that she opened for Selena on her Stars Dance tour???

  • Jes

    did she win the voice?