Selena Gomez Enjoys Spa Day, Luxury Hotel Stay & Shopping During UNICEF Visit To Kathmandu, Nepal

selena-manager-2selena-gomez-nepal-hotel-pictures (6)selena-gomez-nepal-hotel-pictures (5)selena-gomez-nepal-hotel-pictures (12)Selena Gomez traveled with Kathmandu, Nepal this week with her manager and personal photographer for UNICEF to visit a school and small village. She enjoyed also enjoyed the best of Kathmandu staying at their most luxurious hotel Dwarika, shopping in the city and visiting the spa.

Where can you sign up for UNICEF ambassador?

  • liz

    why is sel always pictured in glasses on her instagram? she has perfectly fine eyesight as far as i know ??

  • from

    you know is a shame that instead of her focusing of doing something good she uses to gained fame and to try to clean her image, she really dont do nothing to unifec all she does is pose for pictures for unifec, go do what miley does actually work and be in a third world country putting heading aids to kids instead of posing for pictures to used to gained fame. doesnt this girl do anything without bringing the cameras, she just a famewhore!!!shame on you selena go do something good without expecting fame from it!

    • Eva

      Go to the UNICEF page, or better yet visit UNICEF USA and ask them what Selena has done for them as an Ambassador. Despite her net worth being way lower than a lot of celebrities she found a way to raise money for the organisation and also dedicates her time for humanitarian work. A lot of people use humanitarian work as therapy myself included, when I feel my job and school are getting me stressed I take time off and spend it at a local orphanage. And going to the local bar after hours is a perk of me being there. She is human, and young. I applaud her.

    • Ricardo

      “go do what miley does actually work and be in a third world country putting heading aids” and you know this because there’s no pictures, there’s no information… you’re the only know who knows about that.. what’s the diference between that and Selena? -.-” Shame on you, you have to hate everything she does, it doesn’t matter if is good or bad. Even if she’s doing that for her image she’s helping people.. something you’re not doing… -.-” just for that she deservers respect.

      • FROM

        Miley has done a lot more charity than selena everyone knows that miley doesnt bring cameras all the time, we found out because a nurse or a fan put and she has beeen doing since she was young, selena goes to unicef because they ask her not because she decided to do it out her heart like miley does, selena is just a famewhore who uses even a charity event to try to clean her dirty image she got from doing drugs and alcoholism a lot worse than miley in that not to mention miley did the hearing aids and she didnt stay in the best hotel because one there were no hotels everything was broken by the earthquake, and miley has her own charity, she has a bunch of stuff she helps out and she dont bring the a crew camera like selena does, she doing this to clean her mess up image, because she was caught drunk and drug up! not to mention that while selena was following bieber miley was doing charity! and in every country miley goes she stops at hospital and do make a wishes that by the way miley has been the ONLY DISNEY STAR WHO HAS GRANTED THE MOST MAKE A WISH DREAMS!!! I GUESS NONE OF YOU HAVE REALLY BOTHER TO FIND OUT ABOUT MILEY BUT CRITIZED HER SHOW! MILEY HAS A BETTER HEART THAN SSELENA, SELENA IS JUST PRETEND SHE FAKE AND YOU ALL BUY HER FAKE ACT, WE ALL TOLD YOOU THAT SELENA WAS DOING WORSE THAN MILEY AND YOU GUYS DIDNT BELEIVE US,, AND SELENA WENT TO REHAB AND MILEYS HASNT,SELENA IS FAKE!

        • JC

          do you know anyone of them to make this assumptions?
          We only see/know what they want us to see!

      • thecat61

        She went to Haiti twice with the Starkey Hearing Foundation. Go google it. The looks on those kids faces when they got to hear for the very first time in their life is priceless.

        • JC

          Yes, i forgot about that! it was really kind of her! but i can’t picture miley doing something like that now…

          • thecat61

            Why not? She’s still the same person.

          • JC

            i’m not so sure about that…

    • Godney

      Actually Selen has raised ALOT of money for UNICEF… so? i dont know where this comes from.

  • Cali

    “most luxurious hotel Dwarika, shopping in the city and visiting the spa.”
    How are you doing charity work living somewhere like this? I thought she was living in the village or something,

    • Eva

      lol. That is what celebrities do. 1D went to Ghana and stayed in the BEST hotel there..

    • Godney

      i know some of those spa and hotels “donate” those days there for free promo. Specially in places where the tourims is not very high.