Miley Drinks Corona Pre Show Turn Up

miley-coronomiley-deadmiley-dead-2Miley holding Corona beer: pre show turn up #wukongz. Want one now!

  • boystan

    how much up would a miley turn if a miley could turn up

  • boystan

    that made no sense but ya feel

  • thecat61

    Yuk! Corona.

  • laura

    I will never understand why countries other than Belgium and Germany think they can make beer. All the other beer just tastes like piss. It’s like countries other than France making wine and champagne, just don’t.

    • smb

      Both beer and wine existed long before those countries you mentioned even existed elsewhere in the world. If you want to know what real beer taste like, drinking German beer or French wine won’t cut it. Otherwise, any beer or wine a person grows up with is real beer and real wine and usually taste the best to that person. Just like water taste differently depending on where you grew up to that person the water where they were raised usually taste the best to that person.

      • laura

        If you knew anything about beer, you’d know that, yes Germany and Belgium weren’t the first countries to make it, but that during the Roman period, the Germanic people were the ones who made the beer. The word beer even comes from German languages. You’d also know that people drank beer in the east parts of Europe because they couldn’t cultivate grapes and thus wine was made in the south of Europe. Makes sense right?
        Also, you’d know that Belgian and German beers get all the awards. This doesn’t even have to do with my opinion, it are just facts that these two countries know how to make beer. And same goes for France and their wine.
        Don’t argue with me on this.

        • cindy

          Napa makes some really great wine and Portugal makes good wine too (ie Port wine)

  • mileytour
  • BrokenArrow18

    I hate beer