Selena Gomez Winning Model Contest, Religious Jesus Rosary Picture + Brings Nick Jonas Home To Daddy

selena-gomez-first-communion-nick-jonas-father-meeting (6)selena-gomez-first-communion-nick-jonas-father-meeting (10)Selena Gomez won a modeling contest at a very young age, she also posed for a religious photo with Jesus Christ and brought her former boyfriend Nicholas Jonas home to meet her grandparents, also posing with her daddy. Too bad Nelena didn’t work out! Source.

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    she was prettier baby than miley

  • real anon

    oh wow. i almost forgot nelena happened.

  • Guest1

    I miss her days before bieber. When she was like 16-17. She’s still my fave :)

  • cantxbxtamed

    honestly these pics make me happy because everyone thinks that Selena is always in fake PR relationships, but if they didn’t mean anything they wouldn’t have met her parents. And those pictures of her in that white dress melted my heart :) No matter what people say, I’ll always like Selena because I truly do believe she’s a nice, sweet girl despite everything recently. It sounds lame but being so famous so young is not easy. Hollywood can change a person, with excess money, drugs, fame…but i hope Selena can bounce back from the bad press recently and be the same humble sweet girl she used to be a few years ago


      nick took her virginity

      • Mary

        Doubt it, they had the most boring relationship ever, selena even said it was a big deal when they just held hands.

        • fact

          please we all know they did it! thats why she travel with him, also that was at the beginning of the relationship, they definately sleep together!!! she had no problem sleeping with justin right away.

          • Godney

            im sorry i think i missed something… how do you know?

        • anon

          right? it’s obvious bieber was her first “man” and they’re both arrogant douches so it sucks that she had to lose her virginity to either. At least Nick is hot tho.

    • Anonymous

      Parents fake their identities, etc. in letters of recommendation all the time. If Selena needed help with PR, who’s to say her grandparents wouldn’t step up?

    • Godney

      When she toured in here the staff at the hotel had nothing but sweet words for her… i really dont think she is a bitchy girl

  • Mary

    Aaaaw cute! Those dresses remind me of going to church when I was younger & just looking @ them is giving me flashbacks of how itchy they were.

  • melissa

    Selena and Nick :) He is better off with her than that FAMEWHORE Olive!!!

    • fact

      selena was nick first famewhore she only used him because he was huge at the time, the minute his fame die down she moved on to justin who was the latest It guy. Nick is not famous now so olivia is definately not a famewhore is selena who move on from person to person for fame it can be boyfriend or friends.

      • Troll

        Remembers she dated Taylor Launter when he was it guy as well, then dumped him when his popularity started to decrease.

        • johnny

          Her and Taylor were strictly PR. Like they were only seen hanging out together , while filming in the same location. Once she was finished filming their “friendship or relationship” ended with nothing being said. She says they were just friends which would explain why Taylor Swift dated him next and how she is friends with is ex Lily Collins. They only hung out to get people talking. Most likely Lautner’s team cooked this one up because selena hadn’t even been in a movie yet.

      • johnny

        I don’t think she was a fame whore though. Nick and her didn’t even want to confirm they had a relationship. Very private especially compared to Bieber. This is like the only picture I’ve ever seen them standing this close in.

        • Godney

          i think the same, selena and nick never were the IT couple, pretty much the only IT couple that selena was in was with Bieber

  • melissa

    Nick loved her soooo much!! he cried a lot for her when they broke up :(

    • ALESSA

      really??? for me the relationship seemed boring….
      i thought he cried for miley :P

    • Overexposed

      Lmfaooo defiantly not

  • melissa

    Selena did loved Nick! Not like some other gf!….hmmm

  • jamie

    Nelena :)

  • Olivia FAKE

    When nolivia is gonna end?? olivia is fake i mean FAKE!!!

  • Olivia FAKE

    I hate Nick he is so boring and stupid, I’m using you Nick :) Sign- Olivia

  • Eva

    She also looks like her dad and that is weird because she looks so much like her mother too..

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Too cute! She was the same height as the trophy.

  • .

    2nd pic sel looks sexy!

    also remember this? lol selena (and a taylorswift lookalike ahh those were the days)

    • Luciana

      OMG BIG ROB! my favorite video EVER… I’m actually crying right now haha I feel so old

  • BangBang

    She was a cute little child.

  • nope

    ew that neck those teeth that forehead and head. she looks like a grandma

  • Cali

    That top pic is cute

  • anon

    Nick treated her like crap too tho????

    Remember “you had me to get her” and “if your her guardian angel who’s mine?” among other things….


    • front

      why are making her the victim? she knew EXACTLY how nick felt about miley she even sort of mocked them, when they ask her about niley, she was like i hope the get back together, she was a complete hypocrite tours miley. she was after her man the entired time.

      • Godney

        if nick wanted to be with miley so bad he would never had been with selena tho…

  • anon

    ….she should have stuck to lava boy lautner

  • FuckHarry

    Omg she was such a adorable little kid, and I loved nelena I was so excited when she was in the burning up video omg those were the days.

  • javi g

    i think she jinx those relationships by presenting her parents to those two a-holes.ok one a-hole justin was a nice kid until he met little idiot and little moron and model’s pussies.

  • cam

    Anybody have any ideas why her right calf is so much thinner then her left one.

    • threelittlebirds

      it’s a shadow from the trophy..

  • Overexposed

    The Nelena PR days