Austin Mahone Black Tank Top Hottie

FPop music superstar Austin Mahone wore a black tank and tight black jeans arriving at an office building in New York City, New York on May 27, 2014. Austin stopped to chat with a fan before entering the building. Photos: FameFlynet.

  • lkjh

    “Pop music superstar Austin Mahone”

    lol that’s a bit of a stretch. Doubt anyone over 16 knows who he is.

    • Anna

      I’m over 16 and I’ve only heard about him from this site. But most of my other friends would definitely have no clue who he is. However, I think that could change…I mean he seems to be working his way up, according to this site…but then again this site also makes the jonas brothers still seem relevant

    • Tash

      Ironic actually. Today my sister was playing this really crappy pop 90’s boyband kinda song & I asked who it was & why they were listening to it. And my 31 year old sister & her 35 year old husband said it was Austin Mahone & they liked it. We live in South Africa too. I didn’t think people here & especially adults would know him. But I guess having pitbull etc on his tracks, does help a lot. I like the kid. I think he’s a nice guy & has come far. But they make crap music for him. He is actually better than what he’s putting out.

  • BrokenArrow18

    He’s getting more attractive every day omfg

  • musiclover

    There’s an interesting article about Austin and his career. It even mentions Justin and the comparisons. Check it out here