Hollywood Elite Joe Jonas & Blanda Eggenschwiler At Nylon Magazine’s Music Issue Party At The Roxy

joe-beer-pongjoe-pancakePix HERE & HERE. Via @lovanas. Elite Hollywood socialites Joseph Jonas and Blanda Eggenschwiler attended Nylon’s Magazine’s music issue party at The Roxy last night alongside actress Victoria Justice. Joe and Blanda recently welcomed a new member of their family, a cat named Pancake.

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  • 455

    haha how cute

  • Michelleg3323

    I wonder if they still have Winston and Style…as far as cats go Pancake is cute.

    • http://www.twitter.com/ hudgens.

      Who the fuck is Style?

  • http://www.twitter.com/ hudgens.

    If you look at the photos of them from last night that lovanas posted, he looks like he doesn’t even want to be near her. In that video, he walks ahead of her and doesn’t even look behind him to grab her hand to lead her away from the paps. I’m sure a gentleman would do that. PLUS she can be seen talking to a dude with a camera, aka a pap. I’m still not buying this “rescued off the freeway” story. There’s a lot of traffic. It’s impossible for them to just stop and be able to pick it up and put it in the car. Why would a nice looking cat like that be doing on the freeway anyway? It’s so OBVIOUS that he bought her the cat. He was never a cat person until now. That cat deserves a better home since they went out last night and JUST got it.

    • Jgfsbff

      You’ve clearly never been to LA Kat. It’s bumper to bumper gridlocked traffic all the time. It would be plenty easy to pick up anything off the side if the road.

      • http://www.twitter.com/ hudgens.

        I’m not Kat. Get help for your little obsession.

    • JoeJonasTroops

      i think he does wanna be with her because you can tell how far up her ass he is judging by the tweets that one of the girls on his plane tweeted about how blanda said ‘not cool’ to a girl that said hi to joe, joe ignored and she gave dirties, he puts his girlfriend over us, without us he’d be starving he wouldn’t be a fucking millionaire…anyways, i’m this close to cracking, packing my bags and leaving this fandom, i feel brainwashed staying. remember when the news came out about a fan named andy wanting to take a selfie with joe but he said get out and his gf laughed in his face and said ‘is he gonna cry?’ at first i didn’t believe it, later on, joe denied it ever even happened in his ‘my life as a jonas brother’ article…he’s a liar, because it just happened again. He’s an asshole and you have to admit it because it’s impossible for a sweet and humble man to pick a bitch and fame whore to be his girlfriend, they’re both the same and just really good at pretending…#opinion

  • live.love.learn.

    “Hollywood elite” I laughed so hard
    That’s such a cute cat though

  • shanghai

    Is he trying to stay relevant by attending every party, club, opening, event that is happening? Just keep out of the media for a while and do some work if you want to have any future career.

    • cam

      Totally agree with you. I just wonder if they are taking on to much with a kitten. I mean you know they have such demanding jobs. They have to walk everyday.shop, & have lunch out . That is not counting all the openings. Clubs, & parties they attend.then if Nick takes a vacation they have follow along. Oh I can’t believe I forgot their daily candids. So I really think the kitten will be to much for them. It is a SAD life for Joe Jonas, no wonder he doesn’t smile much either.

  • j

    Joe killed Winston. Really he did get rid of his dog. Joe is too irresponsible to have a pet. he thinks they are accesories and then forgets about them as he did with winston. Besides he is always getting high and partying with his drug dealer ..

    • 35655

      You got shit on your brain to made all that crap because you are hater you are probely in drugs to talk like immature drug dealer? please those jokes are over get over it and get a life or something

      • http://www.twitter.com/ hudgens.

        Hey illiterate idiot! Always know when it’s you by the bad grammar!

        • 35655

          Illiterate idiot yourself bad grammar sorry my grammar is always good or maybe your mind is sooo fucked up

          • http://www.twitter.com/ hudgens.

            No one thinks your grammar is good, hunny.

    • cam

      If this is true how did he kill winston? Really since they are such unproductive we shouldn’t be reading anything about them. That’s like giving them praise for doing nothing.I think Joe wants to be like the jet setters. They just travel & party. They just blow money. I hope that’s not true about Winston.

      • http://www.twitter.com/ hudgens.

        Winston isn’t dead.

  • guest

    After the Winston debacle, Joe needs to be banned form owning a pet.

  • laura

    I really want a cat right now! Gonna bother my mom now until she gives in.

    • http://www.twitter.com/ hudgens.

      I wish you could have this cat because it deserves a better home lol

      • laura

        I’d treat it like royalty! :p
        Can’t wait until I live on my own so I can surround myself with cats haha