International Star Blanda Eggenschwiler Shops With Fashion Assistant Joe Jonas In West Hollywood, California

Joe & Blanda Run Into Cara Santana While Shopping In West HollywoodRising OU Princess Blanda Eggenschwiler went shopping with her friend Cara Santana and her boyfriend/ socialite/ fashion assistant Joseph Jonas in West Hollywood, California on May 27, 2014.

Blanda’s star is rising fast since Joe broke up with his band the Jonas Brothers and started becoming fashion assistant/ DJ. After chatting Joe and Blanda went into the Marc Jacobs store and Cara went to lunch at the Alfred Cafe. Photos: FameFlynet. #BLENDERS

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    nick will NEVER be skinny!

  • moonlight

    that was huge sarcasm…

  • Alexander

    I just have to laugh at the ridiculousness that is Janda. And “international star”?? Good one Oceanup. At this point I feel like most people kinda see this relationship and her need for fame as a joke. Which it is, so I don’t take it seriously.

  • shanghai

    Ha ha this couple is becoming a joke even on Ocean Up!!

  • hudgens.

    He needs to get out of this relationship because he always looks miserable around her. He deserves so much better. I miss seeing his real smile.

    • Jessica

      I totally agree with you

  • honesty

    They’re so cute!

    • hudgens.

      You’re so blind!

  • 35665

    Haha how cute

  • JoeJonasTroops

    “Why do you hate blanda”

    • delle

      Seems fishy. These posts don’t make her story seem 100% truthful. Plus the video was never posted.

      • hudgens.

        I find it believable because Blanda has done it before. It’s not the first time she’s been rude to his fans.

    • delle

      Meant to post this with my last comment.

    • delle

      Actually nevermind. that isn’t Joe. I give her the benefit of the doubt again. If that’s true, that’s kind of mean. But again they probably have people lunging at them all day, and the flight may have been long. They may have not wanted a convo that may last 5 hours (could be tired). Just depends. But still a little harsh.

      • JoeJonasTroops

        remember when this news came out and joe denied it?

        i believed joe when he said it never happened, but not anymore, not after this plane incident.

        • hudgens.

          He had a right to be annoyed with that fan. That kid is always stalking him down asking for pics and he’s gotten plenty. Joe was obviously trying to enjoy a night out with friends and that kid couldn’t take no for an answer.

          • delle


      • anon

        i believe her, but the fact that she has a video is just more proof that those girl were being obnoxious trying to sneak videos and pictures of them… which is not cool, really. if they had asked joe for a picture and stayed in their seats without trying to be all sneaky and shit none of this drama would have happened.

        • hudgens.

          They weren’t really sneaking. They only got one photo. One girl said she wanted to get up and politely ask Joe for a pic but Blanda kept giving her and her friends dirty looks.

        • delle

          Did she ever get around to posting that video even? Idk. She seems kind of immature from her comments, I hope she was more collected irl LOL

          • hudgens.

            Whether there was a video or not, it’s still very believable because it has happened before. It’s not the first time Blanda has been rude to his fans.

          • delle

            I was going to sit here and be all like “everyone has two sides to them” but then I was like… why waste my breath ranting over famous people.

          • hudgens.

            Since when are you nice? I’m surprised. But yes, ranting is not worth the time because when it comes down to it, it’s not our life and we should focus on our own lives.

    • ANO

      Sorry, I don’t understand, what happens???

      • JoeJonasTroops

        a bunch of fans were sitting on the same plane as joe’s. they wanted to ask for a photo but eventually got scared away due to blanda’s dirties. blanda was being rude to the fans. she was being bitchy, what did she expect to happen? for everyone to close their eyes and not look at her precious boyfriend?

  • BangBang

    The title is everything! haha