Selena Gomez Shops At Topshop London

selena-gomez-topshop-london (4)selena-gomez-topshop-london (7)Selena Gomez looked beautiful shopping at Topshop in London today.

  • Tash

    *looks at Usher* Cute :) Usher is so chilled. *looks at Justin* If I was next to someone posing like that. I’d just be like, put the fucking camera down. I refuse to be affiliated with this fool.

    • Eva

      lmao. Sometimes you crack me up. But yes, I would probably say something along those lines too…

  • getinselenators

    Isn’t that odd Selena barely tweets or instagram about her stuff? What costs to hire someone to do it if u are not willing? These companies have invested in you girl, make sure it is worthwhile

    • Eva

      She does the shoots what more do they want? If fans want the stuff they will buy it, she doesn’t need to force it down their throats all over twitter.

  • OhhKay

    I am glad that the ashley girl is back as her assistant. Her shitty cousin gave her a terrible name. SHe is such a prissy bitch.