Selena Gomez’s Grandfather ‘Selena’s Agents Said That It Is Good For Her To Be Next To Justin Bieber’

selena-gomez-justin-bieber-shirtless-kissingSelena Gomez’s grandfather Ricardo revealed to HEAT that he was worried Selena that Justin Bieber was getting her into drugs: ‘There was some pressure, because [her career] is a lot of work. Plus, she was worried about Justin. We saw in a newspaper that she was doing drugs, so I called her. She said ‘No, you know me better than that, Pap.

She was telling us she didn’t want to be with him because of what he was doing, that he was getting into drugs and it was something she doesn’t like. They still go out. We worry, not because of their relationship, we hate to see him in trouble.

The agents say it is good for her to be next to him, keep him out of the bad habits. They say she has been a positive influence for him. She’s doing all she can to keep him on track..’

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  • Guest1

    How can she keep him on track if they haven’t been seen together since Coachella?

    • anon

      I think it has been a while she talked with her grandparents. This talk was last year probably

  • Mary

    It’s so fucked up of her family to do this & tell the media about her personal business (which is probably outdated info). I heard that the also sold those recent pictures of her as a child & of her with justin & nick to the media. How can you take advantage of your own family for money? It’s messed up, one of the many many reasons i would never want fame.

    • anon

      This don’t look malicious tho. She more likely didn’t warn them to don’t talk to the media.

      • Tash

        I agree. They are older & probably don’t understand the implications of what they’re doing. Often family get roped into this stuff. They don’t get the memo on how to handle the media.

  • Like

    Bieber can and will be just fine without her. He’s been actually better since they broke up two months ago. Why are people so convinced she brings the best out of him? Obviously not cause she’s not the only person that makes him happy. He has both parents alive and siblings, friends and good team which he only needs to learn to appreciate and everything will be good. 2013 was his worst and also the biggest drama of their relationship. They both brought the worst out of each other and are better off single or with someone else. Don’t be so quick to judge everything and blame things on Bieber as always. We don’t know what happened but I’m sure he doesn’t depend on her and can’t live without her. Just because he wrote all them dramatic songs doesn’t mean he couldn’t move on now. They’ll be fine and even better without each other. Just give it time.

    • imo

      They both look better after this last breakup. Selena doesn’t looks like a zombie anymore as she was in the last couple of months and Justin looks just fine. But it is like they had to try that last time and now they know this will not work out and it took a weight off their shoulders. About their instagram drama I think they just playing a disassociation of images

  • javi g

    wait ricardo is her father not grandfather. how many crapy gossip web sites are out there with bad researchers and liars? i thought this website was bad but i was wrong.

    • anon

      Ricardo is both. Her father and grandfather are named Ricardo.

  • anon

    Honestly though they’re putting so much pressure into this girl, she’s in an obsessive, unhealthy relationship with a douche bag drug addict who doesn’t want to get help and it’s like, whenever they stay away from each other, they always get back together. I truly believe they were really happy with each other at one point but Bieber’s not the same and neither is Selena, people grow up and change. She should leave him for good, perhaps if they could get back and both help each other stay away from trouble it’d be nice too. At the end of the day, nobody knows Justin like Selena does and nobody knows Selena like Justin does.

    • Seriously

      Why are you so sure Selena’s perfect and blaming shit on the douchebag drug addict? He smokes weed she smokes cigarettes .She drinks even more then him and went to rehab. She’s no angel so stop victimizing her already. It’s the other way around m people put too much pressure on BIEBER all the time he does good they hate him he does bad they hate him. Girl please get over yourself. No one in media doesn’t care so much about Selena to give her hard time.

  • maria

    I think the media are the one who make-up blame everything on selena.
    I’AM GLAD THAT SELENA IS AWAY AWAY FROM THE DRAMA.she is happy and healthy and have friends who care about her.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Lol I’m not touching this one because there is something way too obvious in this post.

  • Tash

    I remember when she got with Justin, she threw Nick under the bus once again & spoke about how her family love Justin & hated her ex(Nick). I find that hard to believe. But I guess her having that youthful mentality & sometimes family believing that you need that fun life when you’re young, led them to believe Justin was a better fit than Nick. But this is what people don’t realize. Justin is the kinda guy you date, Nick is the kinda guy you marry. She just was way too young to see that. Only heartbreak & just living will make you see that the guy who you probably thought was no fun & took things so seriously, may not be the guy you want, but it’s the guy you need. Just happy I never went through that phase.

    • JC

      been there done that, but i think we do need that phase, when you hit the bottom you’ll start to actually appreciate what you have… if i haven’t been in a bad relationship i wouldn’t have figure out what i want for the future, what i want and what i need to make a relationship work…

      • Tash

        Not all of us. We all get hurt in a different way. I didn’t have that phase, but I still messed up & met the wrong people & learnt. You don’t necessarily have to go through that ‘I want the fun boy/bad boy’ phase to get hurt, learn & grow. There’s enough assholes out there ;)

        • JC

          yeah at the fun, but bad boys damn, i think we all love them, they have something… i can’t tell what but they have

    • Mary

      But Selena & Nick’s relationship wasn’t perfect either, him and his management (which is also his father) didn’t want them to be seen together because it was better for Nick’s career if he was single. That’s probably why she bashed him (not condoning it) and thought Justin was better because he was so open with their relationship

      • Tash

        That’s a trend with Disney stars. They all do that. Even Selena, before Justin. Also with Nick, he’s always been mature & seemed to keep certain things private in an effort to protect things dear to him. Selena is learning the importance of privacy now. Her overpublicsed relationship with Justin became too much, too intrusive & overwhelming. As much as the media intruded, they also gave too much away. At that age you don’t realize that, who he is, how he treats you & what you have is all that matters. How many people knowing about the relationship or him flaunting you, that doesn’t validate a relationship. At 16, the guy who is fun & shows you off, seems great. You can avoid growing up. But at 20, she started to see the importance of privacy & tackling life head on, because she was getting older & life demanded more. I think if she would’ve dated Justin 1st & Nick 2nd, she’d be happy right now. But life doesn’t work that way. It’s all a lesson on the journey.

    • gg

      But in the interview it looks like they still like Justin a lot. They call him “flaco” and are very ok with Selena mission of “taking care” of him. “We hate to see him in trouble” they said.

      • Tash

        Hence why I said that I never understood why she claimed her family hated Nick & loved Justin. You’d think that your family would like & want you to be with a good guy who is mature & level headed. Instead of one that you have to keep out of trouble. It’s bizarre that someone’s family would be okay with a young girl burdening herself with a young man & his troubles. Especially when it’s all affecting her negatively in the process. They are either really good Christians who want to save everyone or they are off their rocker. I choose the latter. Especially since good Christians wouldn’t hate a nice Christian boy like Nick & approve of Justin’s antics.

    • Barbz21

      You don’t know into what will Justin grow into and will he be a good husbnd.

      • Tash

        Yep, all the 30+, baby mammas, working their butts off, while he doesn’t give a fuck or fucks up, are all wishing, hoping, praying & oh so patiently waiting for their ‘bad boys’ to turn into ‘real men’ too. They keep saying the same shit also. Can’t give people the benefit of the doubt forever & put yourself in a bad place. Why build a life with a guy who ‘could be’ or ‘may become’ a good guy?? You’re setting yourself up to be fucked over. Not by him, but by your stupid choices.

  • Dina

    get your facts right, her dad is rick, her grandfather’s name her and this has to be such a lie , leave selena alone really, she is finally away form bieber and if her grandfather said this, he did not know justin well at all,

  • front

    lol here we go again selena playing the victim. when she the one who gets intoxicated too, i guess the forgot that, she a liar and obviosly lies to herr can she help justin when she also using drugs and is an alcoholic, of couse justin help her get more notice and fameous, because while justin is working she on vacation.

  • Eva

    “We saw in a newspaper that she was doing drugs, so I called her.” – Sweet old man. I wish my grandfather was alive. Selena has a good family support base. She needs to forget about everyone else and focus on being the best she can be without anyone else. She is a good person, she needs to realise that she deserves better and move on!!

  • anon12

    It makes me laugh considering there have been multiple reports that Selena took drugs before she met Justin Bieber. Demi Lovato also revealed that Selena took drugs with her so Selena isn’t this innocent thing that was influenced by Justin to start drugs. Let’s not forget that at coachella everybody said that SHE was the one that was high, smoking cigarettes and drunk causing a scene and Justin had to stay by her so that she wouldn’t get hurt. Why do people find it so hard to believe that she isn’t this innocent flower and she actually does bad things because she wants to not because she’s influenced to?