Directioners Burn Tickets Over Pot Video

fans-burn-ticketsOne Direction fans are burning concert tickets of Zayn & Louis pot video.

UPDATED with new 1D fan meeting and Harry holding a cute puppy!

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    it will be interesting to see what happens with the fall out.. after miley smoked salvia she became more beloved and popular, but after bieber started drugs everyone started hating him. what do you think will happen to 1D?

    • thecat61

      They have a young fan base, so who knows.

      How old are these boys?

      • Tash

        Ranging between 20 to 23.

    • Tash

      The difference in Miley & the Biebs is how they handled it. Miley doesn’t shy away. Bieber denies, denies, denies …. Complains about all the misconceptions & ‘lies’ ….. Then sings about sizzup =

      • captainamerica

        Typical. Delusional as always. Bieber never denied about weed. He actually admitted it on SNL and even apologized for it. He is allowed to defend himself from fake stories and lies too. And also any fool that actually thinks he is singing about sizzurp is an idiot. Get over yourself.

        • Tash

          Okay, you tell me what “love is like appreciation mixed in a double cup of sprite” means? You’re in denial! He is not perfect! I’m not throwing him under the bus. It’s true. He avoids or denies everything, until he can’t anymore. I’m also guessing you believe that after he ‘apologized’, he doesn’t smoke weed anymore. He did it because he was backed into a corner & to once again lie to you all & make nice.

  • JC

    lol do you think they are all virgins too?

    • Tash

      Yes! Especially Harry :)

  • Zaina777

    Yeah, i’m totally gonna my just bought expensive One Direction ticket all because these two members of a boy band who might I add are grown fucking men are smoking weed.

    Honestly, I know that some people are role models…but when are people ever going to think for themselves? I mean I used to be a bigger fan of Miley’s way back when but then when she started doing stupid shit liking acting like a whore on stage and doing drugs I called her out on it. I don’t really give a fuck anymore because it’s her life and i’m not gonna bandwagon on shit that I don’t wanna do or feel comfortable with because Miley Cyrus or anyone else is doing it.

    I honestly think kids should think for themselves. Just because this cute singing boy is doing drugs doesn’t mean that you should. Just because this pretty girl turned into a slut and did drugs as well doesn’t mean that you should.

    All i’m saying is a role model is only a role model so much. Louis and Zayn no matter how stupid they’re being are both legally adults. This would have been seen as something that they are doing in their personal lives had stupid Louis not recorded the whole damn thing.

    I mean if you’re really gonna waste your money over something as medicore as this which doesn’t affect you whatsoever then you are as much of an idiot as they are. Live your own damn lives and do what’s right by you not by anyone else.

    Honestly, as long as One Direction don’t have a downward spiral from here on after that is being shown to their younger audience then they can do whatever the fuck they want and I don’t really give a shit what they do in their personal lives because it’s their lives not mine.

  • Godney

    You know what makes me sick about this? That these little brats prob made their parents buy and try to buy the most expensive ticket they could and now they do this? Fuck them!
    if they were my kids i would never buy a concert ticket to them again

  • Emmy

    Only an idiot would burn the ticket. They could’ve sold that for a high price on ebay.

  • Duckyhoward15

    Actually two did this and they were trolling LOL

  • yung illuminati

    That tickets looks like it’s printed on printer paper.. I thought concert tickets are usually a lot thicker than that? eh. Plus is anyone really surprised by news like this leaking? Even the likes of n-sync and backstreet did this sort of stuff when they were in their peak, in fact most kids do around their age. They get high, they’re not directly influencing their fans to do if nor encouraging it so what’s the problem? Become your own role model, don’t rely on a celebrity whom you really have no personal contact with to be it.

  • Why why why why

    Lmaoooo this is funny, i swear people are crazy these days!! Pay all that money and then ripp it off, i hope they are trolling

  • Vic

    Wonder how old they are… God, there are some interesting people in this world :D

  • meep

    ayyyy lmaooooo 1D fans never fail to entertain the world with their stupidity

  • threelittlebirds

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read.

  • FuckHarry

    Wow I hope these are trolls, they are just throwing away their parents hard earned cash don’t be dumb resell the tickets or give them to someone who can afford them but don’t go burning and ripping shit that’s dumb af.

  • Pamela Lansbury

    omg, and smilers then? lol

  • Tash

    I thought Directioners knew 1D weren’t very PG or a part of the ‘good role model’ crew. Being a fan & with the media, how did they miss this ?? *raises eyebrow* Very odd indeed. Anyway, it’s daft to tear up tickets & burn merch. I’d just sell it. So a bunch of these kids knew jack shit about their favourite artists & they are all good with just chucking away expensive stuff. I need to pray for these kids & ask the good lord why he did not give them a brain.

  • laura

    And this is exactly why you should smoke weed in private, the 12 year olds obviously believe the world is going to end jfc. Great parenting! These kids will go far in life, wow.

  • liz

    Obviously burning expensive tickets is stupid. But I don’t agree with you guys. To quote Taylor Swift (not a swifty but I do love what she said on this topic): “Anyone can say ‘It’s my life! I’m 21 now! I can do what I want!’ but that’s not the truth of it. Celebrities, artists, and everyone on the radio are all responsible for raising this next generation. Why not make it count?”

    Very wise words, imo. Just because these kids didn’t sign up to be a role model, doesn’t mean you can’t make some effort & make the most of the situation by not doing stupid things.

  • Cici

    Noooo make the money on Ebay!

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    Poor Harry won’t be able to afford his cocaine and male prostitutes!

  • smokeeveryday

    its weed , omg these little kids needa chill for real

  • Eva

    They are French? Or Belges? I see a Samedi there…. The French always overreact…. Remember the French Revolution?

    • BangBang

      Omg hahaha! I shouldn’t be laughing but still.

    • laura

      They are French, they’re not even performing in Belgium and because concerts are always given in the Flemish part, it would’ve been written in Dutch :)

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    LOL! It’s childish as hell and you can tell how young their fan-base is. I would have sold them for more than they were worth.