Justin Bieber Adriana Lima Sex Hookup

bieber-adriana-limaJustin Bieber had sex with model Adriana Lima at Cannes Film Festival in May, reports Us Weekly. They got started May 20 at the 1 Oak fete at local French Riviera club Gotha. ‘Justin pursued her hard. At a private house party later that night, they were talking nonstop. They went home together around 5 AM. He had fun with Adriana. [But] it won’t turn into anything serious.’

Do YOU think Selena will cry more tears over this recent hookup?

  • Anon

    Why the hell do you guys always make Selena look like the victim? Justin and her haven’t been together for months and she’s constantly said she’s single and that her life doesn’t revolve around him (despite running back to Justin and shading him over 10 times).

  • non

    like adriana fucking lima would actually do that though lol
    all these fake ass stories are getting more and more hilarious by day

  • Zaina777

    Why would you hook up with this little bratty twerp…when there’s so many other much older sexier men out there.

    • Smh

      Why you always talk so much shit about Bieber? I just don’t get it how can someone be so obsessed with tearing down another person who they don’t even know. And oh don’t pull the belieber shit on me. I don’t care about him, just don’t get your non stop shit talking.

      • Zaina777

        Naw, bro. Clearly if you read or used your eyes properly you would easily see that I don’t always hate on the kid. In fact I just praised him two days ago. I’m not obsessed with him. Maybe you are…but I’m not.

  • Guest1

    I hope he gets one of his little hook ups pregnant. Maybe it’ll teach him a lesson.

  • Duckyhoward15

    He better date her cos honestly she is the hottest woman he can ever have

  • Xyz

    Whoever believes this shit seriously is messed up. Why does OU post the most ridiculous bs rumors?

  • anonnnn

    pretty sure she’s married with kids. this story is highly unlikely

    • xx

      she ended her marriage last month, but she has two kids

    • Anon

      She’s divorced

  • captainamerica


  • shanghai

    As if this beautiful woman would bother with that bratty kid when she could get any man she wants.

    • Anon

      Her ex wasn’t very attractive either…

      • honesty

        Her ex also wasn’t 12.

  • Pamela Lansbury

    The top hot model and the bratty druggie star? Hope for her kids this isn’t true…

  • honesty

    Who even believes this? Adriana does not want this little boy!

  • Guest


  • Nya

    The amount of fake stories surprise me, they make SO much bullshit in so short time, i odnt know how other people believe this

  • Dash

    I dont believe this she’s married. why would she drop that for some little 4 foot nothing douche bag?

    • Jes

      they got divorced