Justin Bieber Pushes Girl In Cannes Club

justin-bieber-club-fightjustin-bieber-club-fight-2Justin Baby Bieber got into a fight at Gotha nightclub in Cannes. Shirtless Justin is restrained by one of his bodyguards after a girl tried to climb over a sofa where Justin was sitting to join a male friend, reports Daily Mail.

Justin pushed her and she fell back on the couch, which angered her friend. Justin and the man started to push each other around, before Lil Douchey’s bodyguards stepped in and pulled Justin away.

Girls allegedly were screaming when the club blacked out so Justin could be whisked away by his entourage. Justin reportedly returned a short while later and sat at another table.

  • Saywhat?


  • http://instagram.com/foreverjordan thesestrangelittlethings

    Doesn’t surprise me.

  • lol

    he still behave like a little kid

  • Zaina777

    Beliebers in denial:Let’s talk about all of the good things he does guys…I mean we never hear about that stuff.

    • Godney

      because people should do good things instead of bad things? (oh and the last donation he did was on tv on my country )

      • Zaina777

        I was being sarcastic…

        • Godney

          oops… sorry :)

    • Xyz

      Well since people like you only bring out the worst out of him and only focus on his negative press his fans try to remind ya’ll ignorant ones he isn’t the devil you think he is,

      • Zaina777

        Wait, I thought you said that you weren’t his fan.
        I don’t do shit to this kid he does it to himself.

        • Xyz

          Wait are you seriously pulling that shit on me too? Just because I pointed out why his fans bring up his good side lol. Please girl. Get your head out of your ass. He does it to himself but you do it yourself as well by always hating on him. Always.

  • Godney

    I can understand he gets pissed off to an annoying girl next to him, but you tell her to get out, or to not do that, or leave, or side eye her the fuck out… but you dont push her!

  • BrokenArrow18

    I think he needs to chill. Do what Miley said build your own club at your house or something.He got in trouble when he went to a club here in Argentina and the guy that got injured pressed charges against him.

    • Cali

      Exactly everyone may not like her atm but she has more of a head on her shoulders than some of these teen stars right now. She’s not in rehab or getting arrested.

      • Tash

        Thank you. And when she pointed that out. She got hate for blasting bieber. When she was actually just pointing out the facts & giving him good advice. She in no way dissed him or threw him under the bus. Like what everyone & even her supposed friends do to her. I respect that she doesn’t want you to love her as a saint & still do all the other stuff & live it up. If Justin was unapologetic & didn’t deny it all & victimize himself, I’d have no issue with him. You can’t do the crime & be the victim! People respect honesty.

        • Xyz

          Bieber never played the victim he simply never talked about anything. What do you want him to do beg for your forgiveness? Grow up please. He can deal with his shut in private and doesn’t have to do apologize to his haters lmao

          • Tash

            I just said if he was ‘unapologetic’ & didn’t victimize himself, which he does! Can you read?? Or do you just plan what you say before you even come on here?? Same old hey. If you actually listened & didn’t just plan to defend him no matter what, you would have seen that I don’t want him to apologize. That’s the point. He is manipulative & wants his cake & wants to eat it too. He wants to be saint Bieber but still live it up & be the ‘bad boy/don’t give a fuck’ sinner. He is such a confused little kid. All you guys do is enable him & show him he’s correct. That’s not how things work. Be whoever you want to be. Just don’t lie & always wanna come out on top. Being true to ‘who you are’ is about standing strong in your decisions & not validating it. He ‘pretends’ like he doesn’t care, but he’s too caught up in trying to excuse away or justify everything he does. You act like you know him so well & all we do is believe or make up lies. But you don’t even see the truth. You’ll also deny you’re a Belieber once again. But it’s blatant in how you respond. You just come in guns blazing & don’t even bother to pay attention to what exactly is being said. You’re just programmed to preach Biebers perfect existence & our ‘evil’ ways. Yet you’re the same person who will ruthlessly attack Gomez. Don’t pretend once again to be fair or just. You’re a blind follower. Once again, I’d respect you more if you admitted that. You’re delusional, he’s delusional. A coincidence, I think not.

      • BrokenArrow18

        Yeah, she may annoy people with her behavor but she’s smarter than all of them when it comes to doing stuff that can get her in trouble

  • honesty

    He really is paralleling Chris Brown. In terms of messing up, coming back, messing up again. I am still pulling for them both. You can do it, guys. Your image is wrecked, but your heart isn’t.

    • Lolingatyou

      He’s paralleling him only in the ”mess up and come back ” but he’s not even close as in terms of the bad things he did. Chris is way bigger mess AND is older then Bieber, you’d think he would learn by now. Biebs still has time.

      • honesty

        That’s what I said lol. They both should know by now honestly.

  • Duckyhoward15

    No really not a girl :(

  • Eva

    That is pretty messed up. Violence against anyone is intolerable but especially against women and children. Not cool.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    He makes me ashamed that I’ve taken up for him. He does something good then does something bad to cast out the good. I can’t with this kid. I would have back slapped his ass, and his bodyguard(s) could get it too. There clearly was a better way to handle this. I wonder if there’s a video..

    • BangBang

      Same! I want him to do well in life and everytime he’s out of trouble I’m cheering him on. But then he goes ahead and does something stupid! I mean, isn’t he getting tired of himself cause I know I am.

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        I would think by now he would be but I also think he’s feeling himself too much to be tired of himself. It seems like every time he’s out there’s trouble.

    • Xyz

      Why are ya’ll even believing in this? it’s coming out after a week ? The full story isn’t known there’s just 3 pics but don’t show what happened before.

  • rose93

    I’m not defending him or anything but at some point I get it, most of us will react the same way if someone tries to climb on us.

    • Carine Compiani

      She didn’t jump on him, she jumped on the couch to join her friend, and no I wouldn’t have pushed someone for it.

      • Guest

        Um we don’t know what exactly happened, just because they are potraying her as a victim doesn’t mean shit she could’ve done something so he would overreact. He could do it unpurpose as well,since he’s having fans jumping on him 24/7. The girl he called a bitch has a whole different story behind what really happened.


        Just watch and realize how stupid ya’ll are to fall for everything you read, since you hate Bieber you’ll believe anything, but half of that is twisted.

      • Guest

        ”On Monday May 12th, 2014 Justin Bieber was caught on video calling the woman seen here, a “Bitch!”.
        I’ve been boarding my horse at these stables for 10 years, and I never thought the other regulars and those who are temporarily boarding here would invade my guests’ privacy & start video taping him before he even steps out of the car.


        Lies, lies, lies! To clarify from the above article – 4 “security goons” did NOT surround her and try to intimidate her. And, Justin was not acting “very strange & nervous”.
        But, what was not caught on tape, was these women verbally harassing Justin. They yelled out at Justin, “You’ll never be like Michael Jackson!” and “…that’s if he stays alive long enough”. Truth is, they were antagonizing him.

        So I went back to where the incident went down and made sure Melinda got a taste of her own medicine.
        Justin was going to have a quiet day alone and us horse riders know that riding your horse is one of the most therapeutic things to do. We wanted Justin to experience that. But instead, he was bothered before he even got on the trail.”


  • laura

    Why is he even allowed to be shirtless in a club? This is Cannes, have some class. Also, don’t push women wtf is wrong with this kid?

  • Gio

    Just when you think he might be growing up a little, he turns back into his d-bag self. Some things never change I guess. No man should put his hands on a female in a negative way (hitting, pushing, what have you.) Punk needs to get over himself. Oh, and also wear a shirt!

    • Guest

      He doesn’t have to wear a shirt if he doesn’t want to. Also we don’t know the full story, theey will always report something to only make him look bad, the pics show basically nothing, what could happen before so he would push her? You think they would admit she pushed him first? Because then he wouldn’t be a bad one, but he has to be, that’s how the stories easier sell. And for your information, he is turning back. It’s obvious, the low key is working for him, just because a situation like this happened and he didn’t handle it the right way doesn’t make him a fucking devil. Get over yourself.

      • Tash

        So what if she pushed him 1st?? She’s a girl! He even had a bodyguard. Just have her escorted out. Done. Other actual men have had woman kick their ass & all they’ve done is attempt to walk away or grab her & hold her in place in an attempt to get the woman to stop. Jay Z was getting hit by Solange. All he did was back away & block her hits. She wouldn’t stop & he didn’t react to it. That’s a real man. I never wish bad on anyone. But girls like you need a douche. Then you might learn.

  • K

    If I was one of his bodyguards I’d be so pissed and tired of all his shit…