Maddie Spears Dances To Iggy Azalea

WATCH Jamie Lynn’s daughter dance to Iggy Azalea’s ‘Fancy’.

  • Zaina777

    When I was her age I was dancing to the theme song of Arthur…kids these days.

  • laura

    Isn’t she a bit too young to listen to that song already?

    • Cici

      Just like us all singing along to Britney when we were that age! She doesn’t know what the song even means most likely haha

  • P

    Anyone else feels old as h*ll right now ?

  • smb

    Typical behavior for a child her age. Cute.

  • Cici

    Too cute. But damn I’m old

  • Eva

    Somewhere out there Dan Schneider is smiling.

  • kj

    Thats the reason why zoey 101 got cancelled lmao