Miley Cyrus Seduces Oslo In Style

miley-seduces-oslonose-job-queenDid Miley get a nose job>?!

  • thesestrangelittlethings

    Her legs are super tiny.

  • Mirela

    Am I the only one that sees Miley’s legs as being sticks? Her workout regimen seems to have gone too far. Her body was better before this new change two years ago.

    • Godney

      to me they are scary o.o

    • Cali

      I know. I liked her more like this. She looks good with or without the hair. But her body look really good on the can’t be tamed tour. The super skinny look doesn’t fit her

      • Mirela

        Exactly! She had curves, a body to show off, an actual butt, muscles and whatnot. That suited her. Now this transformation? It has gone too far, and she doesn’t look attractive at all. She had something to be proud of; her legs were fantastic, her curves were there, flat tummy, everything. Now? Not so much, especially with this Oslo photo.

        • aly

          I wonder if she’s becoming anorexic… I mean, there are people who tend to be skinnier since little and it doesn’t mean that they’re anorexic, but Miley is obviously on a strict diet since her body was NOT like this before. It reminds me of Demi, if you compare her body while she had the eating disorder she was really skinny, now she’s much healthier and chubby lol.

          • thecat

            Sorry, but put your butt on a stage every other night and run around like she does and lets see how you look. Everyone she works with said ‘she’s a hard worker’ and you can tell by her show.

            Miley even said, when she does a show, it’s a workout within itself.

        • threelittlebirds

          when she first started losing weight, she didn’t look that bad. but i feel she took it too far.

          • Mirela

            Even then, Miley was already skinny before she decided to change. Why the excessive workouts? Was it really necessary?

          • threelittlebirds

            it really wasn’t. i can see wanting to tone up a bit, which she did, but she took it to a whole new level.

  • BrokenArrow18

    I love this outfit!!!

  • Eva

    This is a good picture of her… Aaaw.
    Maybe they photo-shopped the nose.

  • thecat61


  • threelittlebirds

    she looks pretty in the second pic.

  • yeya

    LOL she pushes her nose, I do that too, it makes it looks skinnier. it’s not a nose job.

  • Cali

    Love the bottom photo