Selena Gomez And Niall Horan Went On Date To Katy Perry Concert Last Night

niall-selena-dateselena-niall-katy-perry-date-night (7)selena-niall-katy-perry-date-night (8)Selena Gomez may be hooking up with Niall Horan again to get back at Justin Bieber for his Kylie Jenner fling and flaunting all of his trashy models in her face!

Nelena were spotted at Katy Perry’s concert at the O2 Area in London last night. Niall and Selena made out the last time they were in London together and hopefully they went for round 2 this time!

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  • Yea

    I see someone that resembles Niall and what looks like another boy standing next to him. Where exactly is Selena?

    • t

      it goes like this: Nial -> his male friend -> Selena in glasses -> Ashley Cook

      • honesty

        Thanks for this. I was lost.

  • Mary

    Where do you get your facts about them making out last time she was in London? I highly doubt they’re anything more than friends. She’s not even standing next to him in that picture

  • guest

    Why does this bitch always have to have an “It Boy” whos at the top of the music or movie business? Thought she would have learned her lesson about dating young famous rich guys and expecting the relationship to last and for them to be faithful to her.

    She deserves whatever heartbreak she gets from now on.

    • honesty

      This is so stupid. She can date whoever she wants. It’s not her fault that she meets who she meets. If she happens to be attracted to them and the feeling is mutual then so be it. Doesn’t everyone get into a relationship expecting the other person to be faithful, anyway? Show me one person who dates another without expectations of fidelity (with the exception of countries where polygamy is a thing). That aside, none of this constitutes her deserving heartbreak. I don’t even like her that much, but this comment is dumb as hell.

  • FuckHarry

    I kinda like them together idk I still like selena she seems like a sweet girl & nialls a nice guy idk I think it could work but crazy 1D fans will probably send her death threats and she doesn’t need that right now.

  • JC

    i so want them to be a couple! even if i don’t think it’s going to happen!

  • shanghai

    Why are all the girls he tries to hook up with “trashy” I am sure most would not be interested in him at all not everyone wants to date a bratty kid.

  • maria

    why can boy flirt with a lot of girls but when girls do it is a drama.
    naill and selena are friends just like Justin is friends with kylie jenner.
    but niall cannot do that to Justin,he is his friends.that go for kylie too.

  • Pamela Lansbury

    Justin: (Demi) Selena Barbara Selena Barbara
    Niall: (Demi) Selena Barbara Selena

  • BrokenArrow18

    Why is she running to Niall when justin fucks her up? why is she always running to the most famous teen idols with super busy schedules? is she dumb? lol

    • tom

      all of miley have told selena fans that selena is a famewhore and a people user, just to think she broke true love nick and miley, just to gained fame from nick and miley to me is evil. It means she pretend to act nice but inside she really isnt, she going after fame no matter what and to me that evil, I mean we have seen her history so there has been more than enought evidence that this girl is not as nice as she pretend to act, just beccause she dresses alright doesnt mean she nice she an actriss, she fooled all her fans with her fake act classy bullshit and she was using cocaine,drugs and alcohol and walking all drunk everywhere, selena shouldnt preached what she isnt!!! her fake act is falling faster than her hide away lies! now she using god, this girl will do anything for fame!

      • BrokenArrow18

        lol I do agree with some things, specially since she basically said she was a fake,millions of times lol

  • a=car

    there she is going after another IT guy! the she used them up and like her song says “on to the next one” only certain type of girl do this and you know what is their name!

  • apt

    the famewhore is at it again! she moving on to the next victim, she laying the foundation for her next victim like a spider she is! and then her fans say she not a famewhore! please! poor nial he should run!!! since justin is falling because of all his scandals someone then done by her trying to make him look bad! she moving to 1d member, she try to lay the bed for austing but since he taking too long to take off and her career is falling, she needs to act fast. selena instead of going after the next dick why dont you try working on your career instead of stealing people fame.

    • aff

      stop change your un an write the same thing over and over. you don’t own Selena’s choice of friendships. Get a life!

  • Tash

    So she goes from a child who claims to be man, to a self proclaimed child. Please be on the watch for her at your local school district. She’ll date your toddler then blame him for being immature.

  • Tash

    Lautner, Jonas, Bieber …. Whoring …. I meant, Horan??

    • so

      She never dated Lautner.
      No girl did really, since he’s gay

      • Tash

        So you don’t believe Selens rumors where she’s seen with a guy but you believe Lautner rumors without any shred of anything insinuating anything at all. Bias much! Selena Stan!!!!!!!!!!!!! And she did date Lautner. You don’t have to sex someone to have dated them.

    • so

      …and nothing indicates for now that there are something going on with Niall besides a friendship

  • Alan

    It doesn’t even look like they talked to each other. Niall is Katy’s friend and guests are usually placed at same place at concerts backstage. No report about they interacting with each other too.

  • Eva

    Crazy fangirls all over would have Selena not even look at any famous boys any more… I am so sick of women calling each other whores and bitches so casually.

  • dina

    they are not dating at all, this means nothing, just means they are both katy perry fans, leave her alone really, they are friends , she is single again and happy!