Selena Gomez Claims To Be A ‘Born-Again Virgin’ After Sex And Drinking With Bieber Ruined Her Life

selena-bieber-dance-sexSelena Gomez claims she is going to be a ‘born again virgin’ now that she is finally done having sex with Justin Bieber. Source revealed to In Touch: ‘Selena is completely swearing off men until she’s married. She wants to be a born-again virgin. Selena has done a complete U-turn in the past month and has gone from partying constantly to attending Bible study with a new hyper-religious groups of friends.

They’ve told her it’s OK to save herself for marriage and it will be healthier for her.’ Bieber hooking up with Kylie Jenner at Coachella broke her heart and she turned to religion: ‘She’s swapped drinking and partying for all things Jesus.’

Selena’s religion obsession is concerning friends though: ‘They’re worried he’s just transferred her obsession from one thing to another. No one’s sure if this is just a phase or the way Selena will continue to live her life long-term.’

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  • Some Dude

    This is like watching Spring Breakers backwards.

  • Ricardo

    Bullshit -.-“

  • smb

    Sorry but once you’ve given it up, you can’t get it back.

    • Tash

      Not true. Yes, technically you’re not a virgin. But you can choose a life style. There’s a reason people say ‘born again’. It’s obvious this isn’t the 1st time & this is new path. Abstinence is in no way insinuating you are a virgin. Waiting until you’re married to be active doesn’t insinuate that either. It can be a choice at any stage of your life. People live & learn. That’s why we practice forgiveness & rebirth. It’s a 2nd chance.

      • Cici

        Love this. Keep sending those vibes!

      • Eva


  • Tash

    Nothing wrong with being obsessed with religion though. Yes, it’s important to do it for the right reasons. But as long as your not practicing the negatives(that religion does teach, eg anti-gay) & you’re not a part of the cult sector of things, then it cannot hurt & will only bring positivity your way & will get you through the rough spots.

    • smb

      Being anti gay has nothing to do with religion. Take a 1000 gay men and put them on an island with no way off and no technology available, and take a 1000 lesbian women and put them on another island a thousand mile from the first, with no way off and no technology, then take a 500 men and 500 women, and put them on another island a 1000 miles from either of the first two, with no way off and no technology. All the island have plenty of food and water. Check back in a couple of hundred years. the islands with the gays and lesbian will have no one left alive. Nature see to that. But the 3rd island will still have people alive and most likely will have even more people. It’s nature. It’s the way of life. People have used technology in a manner it wasn’t meant to be used. Except for asexual, or bisexual species, not one species that have shown homosexual behavior can reproduce without having to engage in sex with the opposite sex. Only man has access to technology to allow reproduction without actually having sex. Artificial insemination was intended to help married male/female couples conceive when they couldn’t naturally, Sperm banks were invented for a similar reason. Those honorable originally intentions have been misused. If you want to be gay, be gay, but don’t try and say you have any right beyond what nature has provided to have children, including adoption. It has been shown that the best kids come from family with engage 2 parent families with male father and female mother. That’s how nature intended it.

      • Some Dude

        Well, research shows that gay parents are just as fit as straight parents, despite the backlash society feels the need to throw at them. And more recent research has shown that children from same sex households are healthier and have better self esteem than their peers. Furthermore, it’s also been shown that balanced roles b/w parents (warmth and control) matter more than gender. If you believe in the dignity of all human beings, then gay couples have as much a right to those reproductive technologies as much as their straight counterparts. And why are you tying the law with nature? Morals aren’t natural. Laws are man-made and seek to establish some MAN-MADE moral standards. You’re trying to argue that the law should only promote the evolution of the human species, but why? We’re going to keep evolving whether gay marriages are legally recognized everywhere or not because gays only make up about 5% of the world’s population. I have yet to see a good argument against it, religious or not.

        • Eva


        • Matt

          Well said. I agree no one has ever given me even a decent argument besides it was in the Bible or I don’t want to see it (gee that should hold up in court). Sorry I burned down that house I just didn’t want to see it. Both are terrible reasons that either break larger Bible rules or the constitution by combining government with church. The constitution’s 1st paragraph in the 1st amendment says the government shall make no laws regarding religion. “Religion is a matter which lies solely between Man & his God”. That is word for word from the 1st amendment. See a problem?

      • Eva

        It actually does have a lot to do with religion and tradition. You have no idea how many people have been persecuted in African countries such as Uganda by Christians and Muslims (example.) Their defence is, we are a Godly nation we do not tolerate that, so don’t make excuses without full knowledge. And that example you gave is just…. lol. If it does not affect you don’t let it bother you so much.

      • Tash

        We’ve built a modern society. We have to adjust. Rape, youth pregnancy, irresponsible & oversexed = orphans! Gays don’t & as you know cannot make baby’s. People like you & I fuck up the world, not gays. They are not victimizing, they are being victimized! So as much as the world cannot go on without straight people, we are also royally fucking it up. How often to gay men abduct your kids & rape?? Here & there as opposed to daily with straight men. When was the last time you heard of a gay man getting a little girl pregnant?? Straight men do that daily. Oh & when did a gay knock somebody up & ditch them?? Everyday straight people are making kids they can’t take care of, using abortion as contraception, not knowing where they’ve been, kids stranded all over the place. We are the reason for all the orphans, a population growth we can’t sustain & we will continue to be the problem. We can thank ourselves for oppressing & victimizing woman & screwing over our economy trying to fix the mistake that we by ‘nature’ will keep making. So I’m thankful for gay people. They are adopting the kids we can’t & don’t take care of & just toss away like rubbish. They are not contributing to the major issues we have. The only ones causing any issue is us. Us refusing to leave then alone & think it’s justified to treat them as 2nd grade citizens. I’m an ultra conservative purity ring wearing straight girl. But I have a brain. If you want to live according to nature or preach about it, then go off & stay on that island. Get away from this modern society. This surely has to be deviating the course of nature.

      • Some Dude

        And idk if you’re aware or not, but lots of lesbians are super butch and could swim or row that 1000 miles over to the gay island like it was nothing. Then they’d mate with the gay men to grow the island population for the sake of keeping our species alive but they’d all form gay couples that would adopt and raise the new generation, which would be full of straights that would furthermore go on and reproduce. Lol.

    • Matt

      I always thought that was extremely contradicting on people who site the Bible as their reason to not believe in homosexuality. The Bible itself is founded on 3 very basic principles; 1. Put your faith in God and believe Jesus died for your sins. 2. Be kind and understanding to ALL people. 3. We’re ALL sinners leave the judgement to God Himself. Don’t worry about the spec of dust in someone else’s eye when you have a log in yours. Hating Gay people ignores part 2 and 3. You’re NOT being respectful and understanding and you’re NOT leaving the judgement to God. Banning it and making it a congressional issue and not a church issue is also combining government with church which was the biggest thing they didn’t want to happen when they founded our country. My last and largest problem is a pastor is NEVER supposed to turn a person away from God but they do based off a sin which in itself breaks a bigger rule in the Bible. Only some Bibles cast homosexuality off as a sin but all say to leave judgement to God.

  • Guest1

    I’m glad she’s happy. :) just hope she doesn’t take this religion thing too far if it’s true.

  • JC

    Sorry i don’t buy it!

  • Godney

    So we are going to believe InTouch now?

  • Xyz

    Are stories like this supposed to keep her relevant and talked about?

  • Mary

    Wasn’t InTouch the one who claimed Selena was “pregnant & alone”? & saying that she had a miscarriage in 2012? Tabloids are ridiculous

    • thecat61


  • asdfgh

    Proof that she is completely lost, now clutching at the feeble straws of religion. Hopefully she wises one of these days, but given her background and American culture these days, I don’t have much.

  • from

    she shouldnt be using religion to clean up her image damage by her with alcohol and cocaine and drugs and partying, now she saw people didnt like that and she trying to clean it up by using religion that is mess up! this girl will do anything for fame! wow! she can lie to people but she cant lie to god!

    • Guest1

      What you just said is really stupid.

  • Guest

    Justin: (Demi) Selena Barbara Selena Barbara
    Niall: (Demi) Selena Barbara Selena

    • Tash

      Reason being, Demi isn’t easy & has moved past all this teenage rebel ‘finding herself’ bullshit.

      • notsoinnocent

        the only romantic bond alleged between Demi and Justin is a blind gossip that stated they had oral sex in one of Demi’s wild night out

    • what?

      Justin has never been with Demi.

      • Lol

        I think they mean like how he had a crush on Demi before he dated selena

        • what?

          He never had a crush on Demi, at least he never said that publicly. Only there was a blind gossip about they having oral sex in Demi wild phase

  • Pamela Lansbury


  • thecat61

    In Touch – lmao! Shitty ass tabloids.

  • Clauber

    This sounds fake, come on

  • Gary Burnaska

    Selena should read the Bible cover to cover, because nothing will make her an atheist quicker.

  • dina

    she never had sex with bieber, she never said she did, leave her alone!