Zayn Malik Louis Tomlinson ‘Cocaine’ Chicken Reference, Rep Denies They Were Talking About Cocaine

zaynnnnFans and parents are FURIOUS that Louis Tomlinson, 22, and Zayn Malik, 21, were smoking a joint and laughing and joking about illegal drugs as they were driven to the Estadio Nacional in Lima, Peru. They also talked about ‘chicken’ a slang word for a kilo of cocaine.

One of the band’s team interrupts Louis and Zayn to say: ‘I’ve got an update. We got chicken in Chile’. Zayn and Louis then laugh and add: ‘We got Chile chicken’. A spokesman for One Direction said Zayn and Louis were ‘definitely not’ referring to cocaine in the video.

The film has been criticised by Netmums: ‘Popstars doing drugs is nothing new, but when you market your music to preteen children, you take on real responsibility as a role model. Parents need to know their infant and junior age child’s idol won’t be caught out doing anything illegal or immoral.

While some people will argue this video was shot in private and so should be ignored, it exposes how naive Zayn and his management have been as there are always people willing to make money off the back of someone else’s success.

‘Perhaps he needs to do some work with a charity specialising in helping children overcome the harrowing effects of drug use in their family.’ Some fans have said they felt ‘let down’ and ‘disappointed.’

Do YOU support Zayn and Louis pot smoking? Miley is probably already in touch..

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  • laura

    They were probably talking about cocaine though.
    Anyway, I thought about this a little (I have exams, can you blame me?) and though I agree that these guys are role models for young girls, you as a parent are responsible for your child’s behaviour. If your kid has seen this video, then it’s the perfect time to talk about drugs. Also, I am pretty sure some of the younger fans don’t even know the guys were smoking weed.
    I hope the guys now realize they shouldn’t film themselves when they’re smoking weed, that’s literally the stupidest thing you can do. Smoke in private jfc.

    • Godney

      i think smoking weed is not the problem here, or shouldnt be… to me the bigger problem is using the N word… that is never right. But the media and people dont care and is sad they dont.

      • aa

        people dont really care if the N word use is not referencing a black person

        • A Cat

          They should considering it’s an offensive word.

        • Godney

          YOU SHOULD NEVER USE THE N WORD… NEVER… he knows that, i know that, the whole world knows that

        • Marina And My Diamonds

          I care and I don’t use the word nor do I like it being referenced to anyone. It’s a word that NO ONE should use. It holds no purpose anymore and it shouldn’t have in the first place.

      • laura

        Oh he really said that? I didn’t watch the video because jfc that’s 5 minutes of them being idiots..
        I hope kids are smart enough to not use that word and I hope their parents will call them out if they do.
        Also, Louis is an asshole. He, as an adult, should know better. That’s seriously the lowest you can stoop as a human.

        • Godney

          yes he did, he said a variation of the N word.
          Such a shame tbh, everybody should call them out for that.

          • Ailen:)

            are you serious? IT’S A FUCKING WORD are you worried about a word? instead of substances that can kill someone?? seriously?

          • Marina And My Diamonds

            It’s not JUST “A F_CKING WORD.” The fact that someone even has to tell you that.

          • laura

            The N word was an insult used for black slaves. It isn’t just some word, it is meant to make black people feel like lesser human beings. Like seriously just listen to that word, it even sounds condescending.

          • BangBang

            Don’t talk about things you clearly don’t know anything about.

          • laura

            It is 2014 and people still don’t realize you shouldn’t say the N word. It’s like people just get even more stupid with the years… It’s different in Belgium tho because the connotation is different but even then I never said the N word. Just because I was taught some people found it offensive though many don’t because well it’s different than the English variant.
            Man, if I were part of their management I would’ve yelled at them for a good hour.

  • shut up already

    oh please, everyone does this shit or at least wants to try it at some point of their life. If they weren’t famous nobody would give a fuck. From what i’ve seen on the video i think it was planned tho, the way louis was explaining exactly what they were doing and all. Anyway it’s their life, just hate how media and some fans react to it like it’s that big of a deal. Bye stay high

    • anony

      i thought so too. is it possible that this was done intentionally? how stupid can you be to video tape something like this? what’s the purpose? i think louis is trying to change the image of the band since many people think they are clean and all

      • H

        Have you seen Louis, his not that bright. Does anyone remember that one kid in class that always said shit to seem cool, that’s how his being in this video and if it wasn’t for Larry he would be the least liked member.

        • It doesn’t even make sense

          Really? Who gives a fuck if he would be the least favorite? He still does charity work more than harry! And harry might be the most popular one but he still gets the most hate and from his own fans like that picture he changes on twitter they said it was racist or they called zayn a terrorrist so please leave larry out of this and i just want to say that you can never please people ! So sometimes it’s better to be the least liked because of all the hate you can get .

    • Alex

      But the thing is, they are famous. Their fans are little girls who look up to everything they do. The video was degrading and not to mention it was before a concert in front of thousands of fans. It may be their life, but it gave off a strong impression that they just use the money that little girls spend on them to buy weed.

    • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

      I don’t use the N-word. Speak for yourself.

      • Jes

        they never said anything about the n-word

  • FuckHarry

    Maybe they were or maybe they were talking about weed either way what kind of fucking code word is chicken gosh they are so fucking stupid. Either way I still like them.

  • A

    Why is nobody talking about the fact that Louis used the N word?

    • Godney

      because the white media doesnt care?

      • A

        That’s true, i don’t know why this is shocking that zayn smokes weed, if you search google you’ll see there is a few pictures of him smoking at 15-16.

        • Godney

          its really not that big deal they smoke weed

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    Anyone with EYES can see they are cokeheads.

    LOOK AT THEM. Especially Harry.

    And now, racist, too! They hate gays, women, and black people.

    • anony

      how can you hate gays and women at the same time what would their sexual orientation be lol, asexual?

      • Godney

        they dont have to be gays to hate women and they dont have to be straight to hate gay people… alot of straight men hate woman and just see us as a sex object

        • anony

          i see… but ‘hate’ isnt the word i would use, maybe disrespect? haha anyways guys are assholes

          • Godney

            yeah i dont like the word hate either… but there are men out there who hate women without being gay tho… #sadworld

          • laura

            Hate is definitely the correct word though.
            You know what’s funny? The European elections just happened and practically everyone voted for right wing parties filled with neo-nazis (they deny the holocaust), racists, fascists, homophobes. transphobes, xenophobes and women haters. Welcome to the 21st century!
            Sad world indeed.

  • anony

    no wonder harry and niall took a different plane maybe they werent so much into weed as zayn and louis

    • anony

      yeah niall is probably into weed too but maybe not as much haha

  • Zaina777

    Oh fucking well. They are grown men and as long as they aren’t telling their fans to do it then let them do whatever the fuck they want to do with their lives.

  • BrokenArrow18

    “Miley is probably already in touch” LMAO I thought about this whn I saw the video

  • Saywhat?

    Ok, who leaked the video, Simon? Lol