Ariana Grande Problem Video Tomorrow!

ariana-problemIt looks better than ‘Put Your Hearts Up’!

  • Zaina777

    Thank god it’s not in black and white…I’m so excited for the video though. I can’t wait to see it. It looks cute and fun.

  • Anna

    I feel like she has waited to long to put this video out. I personally love the song, but I think that people are starting to get tired of it.

  • honesty

    “It looks better than Put Your Hearts Up” rofllllllll. I’m excited for this. It looks great!

  • Jared

    The video looks great, and the song is great. But am I the only one sick of Ariana’s “innocently sexy pin-up” persona? It seems so artificial. Nothing about her seems genuine, and it makes me dislike her. And it’s a shame, because her voice is incredible and she’s adorable- she doesn’t need to try that hard. She does need to work on her diction in her singing, sometimes you can’t tell what she’s saying. But my goodness… stop it with the “Oh, shucks! I’m not trying to be sexy as I bat my eyelashes and wear promiscuous clothing, am I?” It’s annoying and clearly an act.

    • Zaina777

      I agree. Like I said before she’s growing on me but there’s still something so try hard and unappealing about her and I think you described it perfectly.

      When I think of her when she was younger on Victorious I can’t recall when she ever dressed or acted like this, I never got the sexy baby doll pin up look that she’s trying to show us now. I mean when she sang Tattooed Heart she was perfect then her look matched her voice and she was cute about it. Now it seems like all she wants to be is this sexy/good girl and it’s not right for her in my opinion. She has that look already of someone who incredibly beautiful she should just use it the right way the classy way..I hope she eventually tones down her sexy good girl image or changes back to classy again completely.

  • Claire

    Ariana is boring she never does anything exciting it’s always the same boring thing all the time. She copy’s Mariah careys styles from her honey video and tries to mimic her voice how annoying -.- get you’re own style Ariana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fake wannabe all Ariana cares about is her looks you never see her without her make up on or her hair did.. And she’s always wearing little slutty outfits that show off her body.. Whore!

  • Cali

    Love it can’t wait