• Marina And My Diamonds

    *Looks through the millions of break up and get back together songs.*

    • 7thYear

      My thoughts exactly.

  • Bob

    I see damage control is releaseing all these things to distract everyone from the video.

  • 7thYear

    Guys, Post a before (young) and after (2014) picture of your ultimate CELEBRITY crush. No pictures of Miley Cyrus Please. Thanks. It is a survey for school. e.g.

    • 7thYear

      Okay, let me rephrase that. A celebrity that INSPIRES you.

      • Eva

        He brings out the ‘protective’ in me: He is going through some stuff and all I want to do is hug him but yeah, he definitely inspires me though. And I have a crush on him.

        • Highway

          Well this is awkward. Shannon Leto aka Drummer Rapist and Drug addict? And you give Justin Bieber flack for smoking weed once and pissing in a bucket? LMAO! I can’t even respect you after this. Shannon has been known to choke virgins during sex and force feed them his piss! He is heavily into BDSM and will not even ask if the girl is enjoyng the roughness.Justin Bieber is young and growing up what is this grandpa’s excuse? You need to evaluate your life.

        • Dammit

          Fucking white trash trailer park kids painted in gold. With their EBT Cards and food stamps and whore parents. It is a wonder they are still alive. You can take the child out of the trailer park but you can’t take the trash out of him. Shannon Leto is a drug addict who is in rehab right now as we speak, I can’t imagine what kind of crap his poor fans have to deal with.

        • Crystal

          Photoshop. Half the time he looks like a deranged hobo with a drug habit. Get a new idol you idiot.

          • Truth

            No he doesn’t.

        • Mayal

          I swear to God he will be dead soon. Another Cory Monteith only older and worse. Hashtag White Trash.

          • Truth

            I heard he is not feeling well and couldn’t perform, pneumonia or something. It’s not drugs, he doesn’t do drugs anymore.

        • Grind

          lmao. Justin is a way better idol than this ratchett idiot who cant spell for shit. Didnt even go to fucking school and says nothin inteligent during interviews coatailing behind his more succesful brother. Justin is also a far much better drummer than this loser

          • Truth

            lmao! take a seat my friend.

        • Mermaid

          He dropped out of school when he was 16 did you know that?

        • FUCK


        • Hyu

          Please Justin is better than this nobody.

        • Ingrid.

          LMAO, stupid delusional selenator, 30 seconds to mars are illuminati rapists who are going to hell for their sins.

        • Anhel

          This is pathetic. You give Justin endless flack for small misdemeanours when you idolise some loser who has committed crimes. i cant beleive it. and he is a glorified idiot basically.

          • anon

            these are all the same fucking poster. get a life.

          • Eva

            I officially hate Beliebers. Goodbye.

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      I don’t know why it’s posting the “after” pic ahead of the “before” pic. Maybe it’ll fix itself.
      Dylan O’brien, I was thinking to put Logan Lerman but Dylan came to mind first. I first started seeing Dylan on Youtube way back when (lol,) then later on he joined Teen Wolf.. and I was proud of him and excited. I’m a person who loves to laugh and Dylan keeps me laughing whenever he’s on screen in front of me. He was such a nerd (still is in my opinion) before all these girls decided he was hot enough to be pined after. He’s surprised me with his acting, I hope he becomes better at what he does, more successful and hopefully keep his head right while doing so.



      • 7thYear

        Thank you! That is no problem at all.

      • Dammit

        Logan Lerman is a God. Basically.
        But Dylan is kinda cute too.

        • Marina And My Diamonds

          Logan is amazing but he seems to be very serious. I don’t think Dylan is all laughs but he doesn’t come across as serious as Logan does in interviews. I think they’re both attractive. :) ;)

    • Guest
      • 7thYear

        I thought Miley would bring too much controversy with the masturbating pictures. I just want to see which celebrities have changed a lot and whether that influences fans ‘love’.

        • Eva

          If this is a study, I personally think Miley would probably be the best case study. .. If you know what I mean. :)

    • Cris


  • anon

    when did they even break up to allegedly “get back together”

  • http://zarriall-zombies.tumblr.com FuckHarry

    Thank god he was getting annoying with his emotional tweets #sorrynotsorry

  • z

    wow…it’s better than soup opera…who cares

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  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    Racist, misogynist, homophobic. Worse than Justin “Drunk Driver” Bieber.