miley-oslo-fur-beauty (3)miley-oslo-fur-beauty (4)Miley looks beautiful in Oslo, Norway with Braison and Cheyne.

  • Anonymous

    I would love myself more if I had her face and her old hair

    • aly

      True. Her new hair ruins it when she’s actually so beautiful.

  • BrokenArrow18

    she looks cute

    • thecat61

      She does look cute. So tired of people bitching about her fucking hair.

      • BrokenArrow18

        she likes her hair like this, they shold be stop bitching about it

  • Godney

    she looks really cute, but her eyebrows…god -.- it just doesnt work for me.

    • TrueSmiler

      Miley’s eyebrows are perfect for her face.

      I hope she never change it.

      And she looks really beautiful in these last days.

      But is still just a boring slut.

      I hope she change this soon.

      • Godney

        is the color that bothers me, they are too dark for her white hair, get a darker hair color or get lighter eyebrows.

  • thecat61

    The first pic is too cute! She looks like a blue Eskimo.