Selena Gomez Saving Nepal Pix & Videos

selena-gomez-saves-nepal (339)Pictures & videos of Saint Selena Gomez saving people in Nepal for UNICEF.


NEW YORK (May 29, 2014) – Actress, multi-platinum recording artist and UNICEF Ambassador Selena Gomez just returned from a visit to Nepal, where she traveled to bring attention to children in need within the country and across the globe. During her trip, Gomez saw firsthand the impact of UNICEF’s programs that help children survive and develop. She had an in-depth look at UNICEF’s work focused on education, nutrition, health and protection.

“This visit to Nepal was extraordinarily powerful—at times, devastating and heartbreaking, but also incredibly inspiring,” said Selena Gomez. “At first when you witness children living in extreme poverty you wonder how it is possible that they can be deprived of their basic human needs and rights. Then you talk to these children and you see hope, promise and a bright future. This generation of children believes they can make a difference, and they take action. It starts with quality education and leadership opportunities, like those UNICEF is providing. I’m so proud to serve as a UNICEF Ambassador and be part of a greater movement to help the world’s children.”

During her trip, Gomez visited the child-friendly Satbariya Rapti Secondary School, supported by UNICEF, that has a safe, interactive, creative and fun learning environment for students. After observing children studying math, science and language, she sat down with members of a ‘child club.’

“It was amazing to learn from these young boys and girls about how they are influencing their peers as well as adults on issues that have an impact on their lives,” said Gomez. “Many of the children I talked to expressed a desire to be future leaders in their society, and I was moved to hear them emphasize the importance of education.”

Music was in the air at the Satbariya school as the child club members broke into a Nepali folk song, playing musical instruments presented to them as a gift by Gomez. She later joined students as they performed traditional dances of the Tharu community.

Gomez met UNICEF-supported Female Community Health Volunteers in Gangaparaspur Village and learned about their efforts to reduce illness and death among children and mothers. “It was incredible to learn about the services being provided by these volunteers. They’re dedicating their time to helping women stay healthy during pregnancy and deliver their babies in a safe environment,” said Gomez.

In Hapur Village, Gomez met with the women of the Paralegal Committee and the Gender-Based Violence Watch Group who mediate cases of conflict, divorce, domestic violence, child abuse and more. Gomez spoke with a couple of survivors who had been helped by the Committee. Later that day in Dokrena/Khaira Village, Gomez interacted with youth and came to learn how they act as change-agents in their communities, spreading the message about the importance of sanitation facilities and hygiene. Gomez saw these adolescents perform a skit about sanitation and practiced proper hand-washing techniques with them.

In the village of Kohalpur, Gomez met with young people who had been recruited into the armed conflict that ended eight years ago and learned how, with UNICEF’s support, they reintegrated back into their families and society. “It was difficult to hear about the harsh lives these girls led in the camps, but I was inspired by their motivation to build a better future,” said Gomez.

Calling the trip an “eye-opener,” Gomez said, “The children of Nepal have taught me that with a lot of passion, optimism and hard work, anything is possible. That’s the message I would like to convey to young people across the world: Believe in your dreams and pursue them.”

Selena Gomez is a recording artist, actress and designer. A UNICEF Ambassador since 2009, Gomez has played an active role in advocating for the world’s most vulnerable children by participating in numerous campaigns, events, and initiatives on behalf of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, including headlining charity concerts and serving as a previous spokesperson for the Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF campaign. This was Gomez’s third trip on behalf of UNICEF. She previously visited Ghana and Chile.

  • Guest

    This is what you call “covering your ass.” I see you Sel.

    • Anonymous

      She already said flat out she was doing it for peace of mind/tranquility. Read: She’s self-reportedly not there for genuine reasons. Although it is possible to want to help the kids AND have personal reasons.

      • Guest

        Bish GOOD BYE with all that peace shit! She’s a coke addict who needs help. Doing charity publicity won’t fix your addiction problems ma’am. Its a stunt just like all the other shit she does. Deal with it!

        • Anonymous

          If she is a cocaine addict, it will fix her with enough people. Not you, but others. Stunts are done because they work on enough people. And…anyone that has to “deal” with Selena being a cocaine addict and isn’t her friend or family has…problems. Big ones. :-p

          • Guest

            You don’t make any type of sense. “it will fix her with enough people” What? The only people she hangs with now are yes men and enablers. She kicked her family to the curb so Idk what the hell you’re talking about.

          • Guest

            She didn’t kick her family to the curb you twat. You don’t know shit about her.

          • Guest

            Bitch wtf is a twat? I’m not your mother. You OBVIOUSLY haven’t been to intuned to what has been happening. Don’t talk about shit you don’t know about. K? YOU don’t know shit about her. Do your fucking research before you step to me ‘Guest’

        • stp

          where are your receipts of that? blind gossip? LMAO

          • Guest

            Blind Gossip? Seriously? Even though they are a kind of a worthy source, their info is often all over the place. Sorry I don’t see things they way she wants everyone to see things.

          • stp

            ofc you’re see the bad in everything because inside you there is only darkness

          • Guest

            you are so naive it’s laughable!

          • stp

            no, i’m not. I’m aware that there are some image polishing. But I see no bad resulting of this and also I don’t go around throwing baseless accusations about people I don’t know

          • Guest

            They aren’t accusations when it’s the truth. Learn and know the difference.

          • stp

            I asked you for receipts and you gave none. So yes, they are accusations

          • Guest

            I’m not spillin’ tea to a naive bish. You got me fucked up. Look it up and find your own damn receipts. Goodnight! :)
            Ps. If you even ever searched around this damn site, you’d know better.

      • Mary

        That quote about getting mental peace was made up & false. She’s worked with unicef every year on a project or event since 2009. You think all of that time & effort over the years is just a publicity stunt? She’s doing good admirable work, why do you guys have to make it be something negative?

  • Guest1

    This girl does things to my heart. <3333 loooove.

  • Kl

    Needed some good publicity after all the scandals huh

  • Troll

    I think this is sweet. She is following Demi Lovato root. She needs to just surround herself with positive people like Demi Lovato. Honestly she should just tour with Demi, she doesn’t sing. She can just tag along with Demi.

  • MollyBD

    This is a good thing she’s doing for lots of reasons. It will give her a view of a real world that is far removed from the celebrity world of Hollywood and Bieber that she has been a part of for so long. Hope it grounds her and and helps her focus on what is important.

  • cute

    Cute videos! I don’t think these kids know who is she. They barely can afford food then I doubt someone would pay for cable tv and watch Disney Channel

  • madi0303

    wow. I never comment but people are fucked up. She has done this before, it’s not the first time, so it’s not a publicity stunt. You have a girl who’s helping kids and you hate on her. What do you do for this world?

    • JC

      probably this people who are hating on her, just hate on people like bullies as usual

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I will never understand why certain celebs feel the need to take pics of them helping out. When it comes from a pure heart cameras aren’t needed to show the celeb at every advantage point. Even if it’s done for the cameras at least something good (like awareness) is coming out of it. I’m glad that this could help her find peace within herself but I wish it wasn’t so obviously exploited.

    • ignoranceisabliss

      An UNICEF ambassador mission is show what UNICEF has done to the largest number de people possible with the goal of getting more donations. It would never work ​​without cameras, at least research what you talking about

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        Research for what? I know what a UNICEF ambassador is. At least learn how to read thoroughly. There’s nothing wrong with cameras being there as long as it’s showing the problem and NOT THE CELEB IN EVERY SHOT. That’s what I said in my first comment.

        • ignoranceisabliss

          well, if you didn’t like that go complain to UNICEF. They’re the responsable to do the video

          • Marina And My Diamonds

            But check this out, I didn’t aim this entirely at Selena and UNICEF. I aimed my comment at certain CELEBRITIES. You know as someone helping out they do have a say on how much the camera is focused on them. There are celebs who do charity and not a single picture came out because they requested their picture not be taken but focused on the problem.

            See how clear this comment is to my very first one? No argument needed.

          • Mary

            With being a unicef ambassador & doing these missions it has to be publicised to bring awareness to what’s going on in these countries & how unicef is helping them. The photographer was hired by unicef to take these pictures (not by selena). It’s a smart idea by them because selena is a global name and having her in the pictures draws attention to their causes. Selena does do private charity work that doesn’t get showcased in the media. I remember last year she did a video chat with a sick child who couldn’t make her show & the child’s family put pictures up on twitter & nobody would have known if they hadn’t done that. In summary some causes need to be publicised by celebrities but that doesn’t mean they don’t do private charity work

          • Marina And My Diamonds

            Ok let’s try this again.

            THE CAUSE AND PROBLEMS NEED TO BE PUBLICIZED. NOT the celebrity. The kids, the impure drinking water, the rapes, the abuse, the lack of food and learning NEEDS to be the focus. AGAIN, the celeb does NOT NEED to be in EVERY SHOT. THAT IS WHAT I WAS SAYING. I NEVER SAID SELENA HIRED ANYONE. I didn’t even single Selena out. You all did.

            I hate using bold.








          • flame

            I get what you mean is that selena fans are kind of stupid they are kids! because anyone with brain know exactly what you are saying and you are right! why she has to have cameras on her all the time, this for her to gained publicity to clean up her bad reputation she caught! she wanted to help she will be helping them get more of a view of the poverty this childen are living in the low resourses they have, the abuse of girl this she show that NOPE ALL she show is her bad dancing, and her getting educated by them instead of her bringing education to them! like really why do they have to tell her how to do thing, she the one who should be helping them, anothe thing selena uses to make it about herself when it should be about the children! what did we learned from this video NOTHING but to see selena do nothing but stand there and look cute. she should had focus the camera on the children the things they are going thru, go to their homes, go their village checck their living condition and bring in a crew to fix thing even bieber did better than her he actually build a house for people with his own hand, all she does is take from people she sort of selfish you ask me. you want to help out stop promoting yourself, and start to show whats the problem with this children showing happy videos will not help this children.

          • Marina And My Diamonds

            I like Selena, she’s still one of my faves. However I don’t need to be blind to be a supporter.

            There’ s a complete double standard on this site. Whereas if this was some other celeb people here would have said it was done for publicity – but since it’s her they don’t question it.

            I believe Selena is a kind hearted person but that doesn’t mean she’s not aware of the good publicity that comes with doing this. I’m sure she knows what she needs to do to get to where she’s going. She’s been in this business long enough.

            If there’s something I don’t like I don’t turn my head when one of my faves do it then down talk another for doing the exact same thing. Nope I acknowledge it.

          • Ricardo

            As other says. Selena doesn’t bring the cameras, Unicef does..

          • mmoron

            yes, unicef might bring the cameras but she in charge of telling them were to aim it, which she clearly state on her face, why dont she uses the cameras to show what is going in on instead of jumping around and people telling her what they doing instead of her showing the viewr how they can help, and what areas need their help the most, no she show herself jumping around. Its like she dont know what to do! if i was her i will do a documentary i think she doesnt even know what that means, because that basically what is what it should be done, not her learning from them, she should be teaching them, this entire video was terrrible, it makes her look helpless in what she doing! like she just standing their and they are doing all the work when it should be the other way around.

    • ignoranceisabliss

      “Fame has some clear benefits in certain roles with UNICEF. Celebrities
      attract attention, so they are in a position to focus the world’s eyes
      on the needs of children
      , both in their own countries and by visiting
      field projects and emergency programmes abroad.”

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        LOL bye and stop trying to start something.

  • Eva

    I love this girl when she is like this.

  • captainamerica

    Awww good job Selly ;D

  • Ricardo

    Well done Selenita!

  • amypond

    it’s kind of disturbing/depressing that she’s doing this while wearing a $200 shirt..

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